5 Tips for At Home Workouts with Christian Gobert

Eat healthy and workout and everything will be fine right?! If only it was THAT easy! In today’s society we are constantly bombarded with the latest diet trends and get fit quick nonsense that as a woman, it’s probably safe to assume that you’ve experienced some form of these *insert latest lose weight quick product* firsthand! Not only do they not work, but this societal attitude towards “health” masks the true definition of health and what we should really be focusing on to truly “live our best lives.”

Health is not just the absence of illness, it encompasses all areas of our lives including: career, relationships, sleep, diet, joy, social life, finances, education, physical activity, and spirituality to name a few. Focusing on only two areas of your life and thinking that addresses your overall health is simply not it. Yes, physical activity and diet are large factors in good health, but each area is connected and builds on one another to truly experience that coveted feeling of wholeness.

The other lie that we’ve been feeding ourselves is that being “healthy” is hard, that we are too busy, that it’s too expensive, and that we simply just do not have the time to live a healthier lifestyle. Welp, you guessed it! That is an excuse! #toughlovemoment babe (all in love though). The saying, “Pay the farmer now, or pay the doctor later” speaks volumes. It’s either take the time to make your health a priority NOW or play catch up later when you are already further down the hole. Health is not an all or nothing kind of thing, it starts with making small actionable changes daily that ultimately build into lasting lifelong habits.

As a certified health coach, one of the main excuses I receive from women is that they are simply TOO busy to make it to a gym or that a gym membership is too expensive. So, if you are a woman struggling to exercise daily because of one of the above excuses, here are 5 tips to cut the BS and start MAKING CHANGES right from the comfort of your home!

  1. Commit to an at home workout series or challenge. This takes the stress out of searching for a workout the day of and makes you less likely to talk yourself out of it. Still feeling lost on how to choose the best at home program for you? Schedule a free health consultation with me and together we can find the best program for your personal goals!

  2. Schedule a consistent time to workout each day. Literally put it into your calendar and make it a non-negotiable! Also let your spouse, children, friend, or family member know that you have committed to working out at this time for added accountability.

  3. Designate an area in your home for your workouts. You won’t need a lot of space, but choosing a spot and positioning your weights, yoga mat, laptop and or smart tv ahead of time makes getting your workout in and done that much easier.

  4. Purge your pantry! Get rid of all sweets, treats, and other temptations you may have lying around. Trust me, I know giving up your favs forever is a stretch, but moderation is key. I recommend steering clear of these tasty treats in the first 21 days and then reintroducing them in small doses over time.

  5. MEAL PREP! MEAL PREP! MEAL PREP! Honestly this is key! You can workout all you want, but without the right foods as fuel you won’t reach your goals! Pick a day and time out the week and set aside two hours to meal prep for the week. If you need assistance or get stuck on what to eat for the results you desire, schedule a health consultation with me, I would love to help!

No matter if you are a busy mom, career-woman, wife, or whatever lifestyle you best associate with, forming a healthier routine is possible and can be started literally right now as you finish up this post! Making your health a priority is a gift that keeps on giving and trust me you will thank yourself when you are still up and about, able to play with your grandkids and even great grandkids, have more energy, look and feel younger, and avoid daily prescription medicines for preventable health illnesses.

Christian Gobert is a twenty something mom, health enthusiast, and proud millennial sharing her passion and knowledge to inspire women to strip back the layers of their life and reveal their authentic self.

Christian recently completed her certification in holistic health coaching from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and has since used her coaching practice to help women of all backgrounds fight their fear of change and take charge of their life. Christian stresses the idea of small, achievable changes and their ability to lead to lasting, lifestyle changes.

When Christian isn’t working, she can be found spending time with her daughter, enjoying a bottomless mimosa special at one of her favorite brunch spots (it’s all about balance and moderation), or exploring a new spot with friends in the beautiful city of New Orleans.

Instagram: @_chrielle

Email: coachchristiangobert@gmail.com

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