Updated: Aug 31, 2018

This month, I’ve talked about my family reunion recap, those annoying family group texts (sometimes), fathers and mothers, blended families and now, my special guest this week Verina Z. Robinson is going to share 5 tips for co-parenting based off an article I found in the Huffington Post (see the link to this article at the end of the post).

Verina Zonise Robinson could be any woman. Wife, mother, sister, friend. In many ways, she is. She represents the ups and downs of life, love, marriage, motherhood, and self. Who we are is not nearly as important as who we are going to be. Who we are going to be is attached to purpose, our reason for being. And Verina is now stepping into her purpose.” You can read her full bio here: About Verina Z. Robinson

I’ve been following Verina on social media and I really enjoy the love and support she shares virtually with her followers as she co-parents.  I wanted my readers to “hear” a voice outside of mine on this subject of co-parent this week and I knew that she would be perfect to connect you to.  I’m sure that there are some challenges to co-parenting but I believe if both parents are actively communicating with each other, the challenges will be in small amounts compared to overall growth and development of the children.

I asked Verina to share 5 tips for co-parenting based off the Huffington Post article and here’s what she had to say:

  1. Be open and flexible with each other’s time – This is important because “ish” happens that we can’t always control or if like my co-parent you have a career where things are not always predictable flexibility is key. Constant clear communication is a must with scheduling. Last minute changes and plans happen which grinds my gears but for our unit it’s the nature of the beast.

  2. Be empathetic– Empathy is a life skill that promotes a healthy family unit.

  3. Communicate directly to each other (not through the kids)– Kids are the worst players at pass the message. They get it wrong, they miss parts, add things and now we think the other parent is picking them up today with clown killers in the car. More importantly it’s inappropriate to involve kids in adult affairs. Let them be kids you two put on your adult underpants and handle business appropriately.

  4. Respect their time with the other parent – Stop calling stop texting stop trying to virtually include yourself. If you don’t trust your co-parent you have a bigger problem on your hands. It’s healthy in the development of children that they have their own time to experience the individual parent as a separate entity and not always as a unit.

  5. Enjoy your time – Focus on them when you have them. They are only kids for a short time. Also enjoy your time when they are with the other parent.

  6. BONUS TIP FROM VERINA: Always remember it’s about them and not you, not your co-parent, and not your relationship or the demise of that relationship. If you stay focused on the kids bring the priority that helps everyone stay sane and enjoy these moments and the moments when everyone has to be together as a family unit.

What are your thoughts on co-parenting?  What are some tips not listed in this post that you can share with others?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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