Always Infinity Pads with Flexfoam Review

Britt Smith Photography

Ladies, there's only once a month when we get to control the remote (see image below lol) and our menstrual cycle by using pads that can fluctuate between our busy schedules, shape, size and our other day to day activities. While scrolling on Instagram, I came across several of my blogger babes photos of this new pad that they tested by the brand Always. So I had to test this product out myself because let's face it, the information I found after doing my research left me adding a box to my shopping cart while I was shopping online at Walmart using their pick-up service.

You don't feel the pad necessarily even through the packaging. The pad itself is very light weight and absorbs liquid and prevents leaking for up to 10 hours. Of course I tested that out to see if it's true because nothing is cute or sexy when it comes to a leaking pad, oh the embarrassment. I purchased the pads in size 2, with wings and opted for the scented over unscented because my menstrual cycles are regular or moderate, I don't have sensitive skin and I have what is considered a healthy cycle, lasting five days.

As I am embarking on the age of 40 years old next year, I did learn a few things to look forward to such as: periods could start coming closer together, flow could get heavier and fewer or skipped periods here and there. With this knowledge, I've learned that these new Always Infinity with Flexfoam pads can meet the needs of my menstrual cycle as my cycles change due to aging.

"Did you know: 60% of women wear the wrong size pad? 100% can change that. At Always, your protection and comfort are our priority. We know that having a menstrual pad that fits properly provides you with the period protection you need. The ‘one size fits all’ thinking doesn’t quite work when choosing your feminine hygiene products. Everyone is a unique size and has a unique menstrual flow. A fit based on your shape and flow offers you the best protection and comfort. We want to help you find your best pad with Always My Fit™ (Procter & Gamble, 2019)."

Just as you see in these photos, I always discuss my menstrual cycle with my partner because it's helpful to educate him on knowing about the changes my body (and mood) goes through during that time of the month. I don't have to indulge in information that's TMI for him to understand either. But I realize the older I get, the more I do pay attention to my body and any side effects that occurs. I totally understand if your menstrual cycle is something that you don't want to discuss with your partner but talk to a Ob-Gyn if you discover something abnormal or just have general questions. There are so many apps out there to help you track and monitor your cycle. I personally use the app called M.P.T. It tells me when I'm ovulating, it helps me track when I take my birth control pills, estimates when I should be starting my cycle based off the previous month's information and you can also chat with other women in a forum in this app.

This is not a paid sponsorship with Always, although that would be nice. I really wanted to share with you today, the things that us women find difficult to talk about such as finding the right size pad for period protection. Most women on average, will have a menstrual cycle up until the age of about 52. No matter if you are far away from that age or near it, you want to choose a pad that fits your body and shape. No matter what your body shape or size is, you can find a pad that perfectly fits you and your needs. These pads can also be used for overnight wear as well, again they are guaranteed to give you 10 hours of leak free protection.


To learn more about these pads and determine the right fitting for you, click here:,whats-your-flow-like=02_moderate,wings=with-wings/category:infinity-pads-with-flexfoam/page:0/sortby:Featured-Sort/productsdisplayed:undefined/promotilesenabled:false/cwidth:3/pcwidth:1/pscroll:

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