Are you having a HOT GIRL Summer?

Texas born, female rapper, Megan Thee Stallion has us all grooving, being confident, getting our bags (coins) and being unapologetic in who we are as a hot girl this summer. This song has spread across the nation as the summer anthem for women. Before I listened to the song, I was ready to hear some male bashing but I was wrong.

You can find all over the internet in these social media streets, either the meme of Megan Thee Stallion or women posting their pics with so much class, having fun and somewhere in the caption, stating that they are having a hot girl summer. Speaking of these internet streets, recently there's a video circulating of her doing a performance and c-h-i-l-e the way she worked those knees as she twerked something was OMG motivating! Watching her dance in that short clip made you want to run to the gym and turn things up a notch in your workout routine.

I hadn't been following the artist but something tells me that she will be around for a long time. She is very authentic from what I can tell and she is not ashamed of expressing herself lyrically, while she performs or during an interview. It's nice to see a female artist who is making a name for herself and not being over the top. I love that! She gives me that happy and celebratory feeling inside to see a woman being confident in who she is authentically. That's a woman I'm here to celebrate on any given day.

Being happy, securing your own bag and not beefing with no one is the true meaning of having a hot girl summer, to me. Don't sit at home being stressed out about situations you can't control, get out there and have you a hot girl summer too. Hell, carry that same energy into the fall, winter and spring if you need to. We are bombarded with music from mean unapologetically being themselves and it's about time that we do the same but without exploiting ourselves just to please men or anyone else.

You life is yours to live and no matter how you choose to live it, be confident in your choice! People won't always agree with you. Someone will find something wrong with what you're doing, but do it anyway. As long as you're not harming yourself or others, go for it! Do what makes you happy and secure the positions that you need to succeed and stop waiting on a man or another person to "put you on." Put yourself on! Enjoy your hot girl summer.