Being Curvy & Confidant with Jenine Carter

Photographer: Jessica Milagros Guzman Sanchez

When I was first asked to write about this topic I was a little unsure of my direction. Being curvy and confident can envelope many things. I have decided to focus on self-love and confidence. I know that these values will help anyone no matter what size you are, but for the purposes of this conversation, I will focus on the plus-size woman.

Today we live in a world where you are considered plus-size starting at a size 12, I know right? Complete nonsense! Still today, with the talks of diversity, inclusion, and body positivity, plus size women still struggle to be seen just as beautiful women. We struggle daily to stay positive and be confident in our own skin. To be confident and curvy I like to believe means to own it. You cannot be shameful and unsure. We as plus –size women have to own it and represent. You can be as stylish as you want and flaunt your best features, starting with a smile and have a walk that commands attention. You can wear sweatpants, it really doesn’t matter as long as you feel good, it will show on the outside. Look in the mirror and if you don’t feel good about what you see then start the process to feel more confident.

Self love is a confidence mega pill. Make sure you value who you are and love yourself from the inside out. It could be as simple as starting an activity that you love or trying something different with your hair. Pour into yourself constantly, with wellness, positivity, physical activities and self-love. Surround yourself with women that share the same vision as you or surround yourself with women you aspire to be like.

I hear many plus-size women say “I don’t feel sexy”. Well confidence is sexy and you will never feel or exude sexiness until you are confident in who you are as you are. Sexy is brewed in your mind first. Our level of confidence determines how most will view us. I have been plus size from 14 years old by industry standards and I have not always felt confident in my body. Stepping out of my comfort zone and speaking out about how I felt and not compromising my feelings for anyone helped me with my confidence. My heaviest was 287 lbs wearing a size 22 and I wasn’t happy. I had a man in my life that tried to keep me there because he was confident that as long as I was heavy I would accept anything. As the weight fell off so did he and many people that I was involved with.

Gaining confidence sometimes involves doing a self cleanse of all the things that are holding you back in life. We have to evaluate our own journeys and not be afraid to walk away from being comfortable. I started doing the things I love: skating, working on self, developing new friendships and modeling, all of these things aided in my ability to exude confidence on a daily basis. One thing that one of my model coaches told us “when you walk out in the world put on your best you and walk with a purpose and show the world you have arrived and there is no turning back."

Blessing Beauties,

Jenine L. Carter

Photographer: Jessica Milagros Guzman Sanchez

Jenine L.Carter is a plus size model and started her career right here in Chicago at the Playground Theatre. She has moved on to modeling for MD Trends magazine were she has been featured in the 2018 swimsuit edition as well as the 2018 Holiday Magic issue. Jenine was also selected to be one of the runway models for the Live Out Loud Charity where she walked for the designer Pranamaker, Natalia Marie in December 2018.

Jenine wears many hats as she was just offered the position with MD Trends to join their creative writing team . Her 2019 calendar has already started to fill with things to come such as being invited to the 2019 Miami Model tour to be featured in the swimsuit issue Marjen Magazine 2019. She has also been selected to walk in a show for New York Fashion week in February and September, so be on the lookout for this plus-size beauty.

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