Ectopic Pregnancy Testimony

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I was scrolling through Facebook and came across this testimony written from a woman I know and have enjoyed every encounter we've shared. After I read her testimonial post, I asked her if it would be okay to share her testimony here, to shed light on what many women experience in their lifetime, that is not talked about and to prayerfully help someone through this difficult experience of hers.

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Of course I logged on to Google to find out more about ectopic pregnancies and came across the following definition and statistic: "A pregnancy in which the fetus develops outside the uterus, typically in a fallopian tube. One in every 100 women run the risk of an ectopic pregnancy."

Here's her testimony below:

"I am blessed beyond belief. Most definitely in a better place.. I fail into depression a few months back I lost one of my sisters June 28th same day receiving that information I found out I had to have an emergency surgery where I lost my child due to a second ectopic pregnancy within a 3 year differences whom would be due next month on the 16th, dealt with a bunch of other things of course within all of this occurring. No one knew what I was going through. I ate my life away to the point where I gained over 30 pounds. I cried nights after nights because I just didn't understand. I stayed to myself and stayed away from as many as possible especially babies all but my God Son. I have been hurt numerous of times but I still stood strong. I have been through the storm and am still holding on. At times I felt unpretty, not wanted, like my world was ending all while still having to stay strong and hide all of this from my kids. Do you know how hard that was?? I was angry, upset and confused. I had to find myself all over again. Guess what I did just that. I start a new position next month on my job. Received a slight raise today (more to come) my kids never hurt because I was hurting (made sure of that) I don't care how others see me nor feel about me. I have jumped through hurdles baby!! I love kids, especially babies although I can't have any more I am blessed with my perfect pair and my 3 additional (god babies) and a host of nephews and one niece. Honey when I tell you to be kind to others because you never know what the next is dealing with. I am currently out of depression tapping back into my life for a even larger come back. I have lost friends but gained a lot more awesome people in my life that has shown me sooooo much love which I needed indeed. I am blessed and Lord knows I couldn't have made it without him. Thanks to everyone (you know who you are) for being there for me even if you didn't know you was, know it didn't go unnoticed. I was looking back on all that happened and felt like telling my testimony. Know that whatever your going through there is a light at the end of that tunnel. Keep the faith and keep pushing all while staying kind. Don't lose yourself. I love me and my experience and encounters made me who I am today and I wouldn't change anything. It taught me to be stronger than ever."


If you or someone you know needs more information on ectopic pregnancy please refer them here for more information:

Here's a clip from female rapper Remy Ma discussing her ectopic pregnancy on the daytime tv show The Real:

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