Event Planning Interview with Jazmine Boutte

1.  Tell us about yourself and why you started The JD Brunch Series?

My name is Jazmine Boutte and I like to think of myself as a Fashion Enthusiast and Professional Bruncher. I have always had a love for fashion. Even as a little kid, I would dress up in my mom's clothes. I would also write creative stories which led me to study Journalism at Dillard University. It was important for me to start a blog because my goal was to show other plus size women how to put together looks and exude confidence. The plus-size fashion world started off really slow and it was extremely hard to make those Faith 21 (former Forever21 plus size line name) and New York & Company pieces hit. Thank god for growth...haha.

So brunch is my thing, I know which restaurants are photo-worthy, which ones have bottomless mimosas, etc. and I mean who doesn't love dressing up, having mimosas and running it (casual conversation) with your friends? Now I started the blogger brunch series because I would see these blogger meet-ups happening but I didn't see anyone who looked like me. I wanted to connect with other bloggers and share experiences within the blogging realm. As the saying goes, if you're not invited to have a seat at the table...create your own and that's just what I did. 

2.  What's your fondest memory of the brunch series where you saw the women in attendance really connect and collaborate with each other?

I cherish each brunch but if I had to choose I would say when we dined at Kingfish. Many of you didn't know it but I found out one of my college friends died the night before and I came to brunch the next day with a heavy heart but just being around all of the girls was soothing for me. Everyone was just in good spirits and the conversations were really good. From relationship talks to blogging, the camaraderie was just what I needed. Plus the waiters were like special agents the way they knew when our mimosas were running low, they were on it. 

3.  As an event planner, what would you say has been the most challenging part(s)?  Why?

So event planning is one of the Top Ten most stressful jobs, google it I'm serious...haha. As event planners we take on the stress of our clients and put out so many fires that they never knew existed. I co-own Dulce Events & Design with a friend/business partner and the most challenging thing for me is probably when a potential client thinks they can get an extravagant event with open bar, stilt walkers, fire breathers all on a $1,000 budget. Having an event planner is a luxury and events are costly. So having to set a minimum budget for events especially weddings and turning someone away who doesn't meet the minimum. We want to make everyone's dream come true but there is only so much we can do with the money allowed.

4.  What are your thoughts on having more women (especially bloggers/influencers) collaborating more instead of competing with each other?

The reason I started the JD Brunch Series - Blogger Meet-Ups were for us to do just that, collaborate. Our reach is so much more powerful when we work together. We can tap into each other's audience, exchange tips and advice. We've even exchanged services, it's a win win. The brunch is good vibes only, we're all about supporting each other. We have such a good thing going that I believe that's why I am so particular in who I invite in. Everyone has their own lane, you can go in the store and see 100 different brands of makeup. Did Maybelline have to stop making lipstick and eyeshadow when Covergirl came out? Nope!

5.  For a woman who is thinking about becoming an event planner, what's some advice would you give her?

I would tell her to first reach out to someone in the event planning industry to see if she can intern or assist with two or three events to make sure this is something she wants to do. This industry is not for the weak. It requires late nights and early mornings. Also start with family and friend events to build your portfolio. Always remain pleasant and professional and build healthy relationships, that way you'll always come to mind if someone needs an event planner. If it turns out to be something she loves like myself, she will be successful. 

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