Explore Bali with Ariel W. Felton

One of my favorite things to do is follow travel hashtags on Instagram. A few years ago Ubud photos started popping up all the time and I thought to myself I have to get there. Because it was so beautiful, I thought surely it was out of my budget, remember I’m the married mother of 5 boys, but to my surprise it was affordable and the only thing that was stopping me was me! I knew 2020 would definitely be my year for this trip. However by May, for some strange reason, I thought after going to Africa, Turks & Caicos, Universal Studios, D.C., and paying for a trip to Dubai and Mexico for the Winter that Bali was doable. I was tripping, ( I mentioned all of those places, to show that travel can be done on a budget). Bbut I did my research and turns out it could work, so let’s talk about how I did it.

I searched google.com/flights for the month of July to see what the flight rates were flying from LA/NYC/Houston. After that, I thought to myself, what other countries are near, we’re going this far lets get the most out of this trip, so we added Singapore and Thailand. Our flights were about $3500 because we chose to fly Delta’s premium select, we’re over 6’2 we needed the space to fly for a whole day. Now when booking accommodations, we checked Airbnb.com first, hotels second. We were able to secure a beautiful villa for approximately $79 USD nightly in Ubud for 3 nights, 1 night at a rate of $200 for the amazing Bali Bubble Hotel (totally worth it), 2 nights in Thailand at $28 USD a night, and 2 nights in a capsule hotel in Singapore for $98 a night. All things are possible through Airbnb for accommodations and airfordable for flights paying in installments! As far as dining, we were able to eat and drink (alcohol included) spending approximately $40 USD daily total lunch and dinner.


What to do while in Bali:

Finns VIP Beach Club

The Real Bali Swing

The Udaya Resorts & Spa (Celebration of Flowers)

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Heaven’s Gates, Lempuyang Temple

Tirta Empul Holy Water Temple

Monkey Forest

What to do while in Thailand:

Phi Phi & James Bond Islands

The Big Buddha Phuket

Chalong Temple

Old Phuket Street Market

What to do in Singapore:

Gardens by the Bay

Jewel Changi Airport

Sentosa Island

Kampong Glam

Hawker Centre


I’ve given you the tools, now go and build your everlasting memories. In the meantime, follow my journey on Instagram for some travel inspiration!