Fall Fashion My Way

Fall fashion to me is wearing a cute trench coat or light weight coats, oversized sweaters, long sleeved tees and boots. I can't wait til it gets a little cooler here in NOLA and I can wear the aforementioned. I'm not sure what the weather is like in your city, but here, we can still wear shorts in the fall. I love wearing a good pair of jeans with either a black or brown pair of knee-length boots. Boots are my must have during fall fashion. I'm excited to see the new fashion trends for the fall even though I don't consider myself a fashionista but I live vicariously through women who are.

Sweaters gives me life. I love a comfy sweater to dress up or dress down, especially sweater dresses in the fall. This is where I take a break from those graphic tees and wear long sleeved sweaters to handle the brisk chills the weather provides. You can wear a printed button up shirt underneath a sweater also. I'm usually in and out of places so I don't feel too much coolness on my arms but sweaters make me feel balanced no matter what the weather is. I love my hoodies also and my favorite hoodie is my deep purple sweater that says "WRITER" on it. I wear this sweater a lot when I'm in a creative mood indoors or outdoors.

Coats are not necessary here in NOLA but I still rock them every now and then. I remember in college at Grambling State University, I bought all of my winter coats from Chicago and the natives of Louisiana told me that I will never need to wear them and they were absolutely right. Cooler temperatures do exist here but not like the brutal midwest or east coast. Trench coats or dusters like this faux fur duster in the image to the right are my go to for fall fashion.

Stylish fall coats just adds a breath of fresh air to your fall wardrobe. You can dress up a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt with a stylish coat or jacket in the fall. Although, I don't actually have to wear coats here often, I still rock them as a cape and it makes me feel like a fashionista superhero lol.

Boots regardless if they are knee-length or ankle boots, girl.........make sure that you have a pair in your closet this fall. About every two years, I purchase a pair of new boots to get me through the fall and winter. Boots in the fall and winter are equivalent to me as wearing tennis shoes. I love dressing up or down a pair of jeans with them and usually boots without a heel is super easy to slide into. Also, if you live in snowy or rainy weather cities, make sure you purchase a pair of rain boots they are life saving! Easy to clean off and you don't have to worry about water damage on your good or more expensive pair of boots.

Hats are this tom-girl's favorite accessory in the fall. I love wearing beanies, berets or panama style hats. Hats are apart of my protective hair styles lol because I'll rock twists underneath hats until it's time for me to go somewhere where I actually need to look presentable. My hair is still in that "stand-up" stage although it's growing so some hats are easier to wear. Hats are great to wear in the fall for brunch, rainy weather, if you're going for a cute and chic dressed down look and obviously on those bad hair days, hats or scarves come in handy.

Fall fashion is whatever you make it and whatever makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Yes, there will be trends but you can create your own trends. This fall, I plan to wear more pieces that are an olive green color because I think that color looks so good on me in the. I'll be tuning in to the fashion world this fall and I hope to attend a few of the local fashion events here in the city as well. Feel free to Pin any of the the images to your favorite fashion related Pinterest boards.

Out fit details

Faux Fur Duster: Old Navy

Hat: Claires Stores

High Rise Midi Denim Shorts: Mossimo

Boots: Restoration Thrift Store