Updated: Aug 31, 2018

(Image courtesy of CNET)

Family group texts…..chillllllllleeeeeee, where do I begin?  Well for starters, I created a poll on my Instagram account asking my followers, if family group texts were helpful or annoying?  Over 80% responded that they were annoying.  I don’t have a prelude or extra research for this topic cause I’m just ready to dive right in.

I’m just gonna be honest cause that’s all I know how to be.  If I voted, my vote would’ve been more than likely in the 80% of those that said that family group texts are annoying.  Let me paint a picture for you, or better yet, because I’m a writer, let me tell you a short story of why I believe family/group texts are annoying most of the time.

Picture, summer 2018, you’re living in your favorite city in the world or on vacation enjoying the summer breezes with your girls or your spouse.  Sipping adult beverages, electric sliding the night away because you have ZERO plans of waking up early the next  morning and sleeping in late to you, means at minimum, 8:00am.  You have been enjoying the BEST sleep that you’d had in such a long time and then…… 6:00am…….your alarm doesn’t go off but, 25 text messaging pings on your iPhone from your family, start coming through your phone sounding worse than Armageddon.  As you squint your eyes open just a little cause it has to be a family emergency, instead, it’s everyone sending “Good morning” texts with cute emojis and their favorite Bible scriptures for the day that they wanted to share with E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E in the group text…… *insert me flatlining*

Ok, maybe I’m being a little dramatic with the GIF above, but this is exactly how I feel in the morning when I really want to throw my phone across the room.  Not to mention, somebody in the family is always, “tardy for the party” and send their “Good morning family” response at 10:00am, hours later which of course, starts the massive text messages all over again.  Why Jesus, just why?

Next up of the annoying family text messages are the play by play texts when the family meets up for dinner, movies or an event.  Look at the image at the top to reference.  The Johnson Family is meeting up at 7pm at the local theater.  The group text has been sent, the location has been determined where everyone will meet up once they arrive and everyone who will be in attendance has confirmed via the group text and then this happens……

John text: I’m pulling up so excited.

Stephanie Text: Me 2, I’m omw

Alex: Omw 2

Jessica: Can’t wait to see everybody

That cousin who don’t ever respond to any other group texts but she picked this activity:  I’m so excited that the family will be together enjoying our family outing and I appreciate each of you for coming out.  I’m here at the theater by the concession stand waiting to see everyone.  This movie is gonna be gr8!!!!!!!!

My text in my mind: *insert hand over woman face emoji*

Now I’m about to give you some G-classified information.  Because I despise family group texts, iPhone allows me to just do something quick for example, I can like or love texts by holding down that message sent and I don’t have to technically respond to these 345,987,234 texts coming through my phone.  Go ahead and judge me.  If you’re my family member and reading this, YOU BETTER NOT SIDE EYE ME OR TELL MY MOMMA ON ME lol.

If while reading this and you saw how the annoying it can be at times, STOP IT!!!!!!!!!  Since I don’t have the proper strategies on how to better communicate via family group texts, I thought I’d share a link of some helpful tips here: Reader’s Digest  After you read the tips, copy and paste the link in your family group texts if you are annoyed by them as I am.  That way everyone, will hopeful get on board and minimize the mass and sometimes unnecessary family groups texts.  But on a more sunnier side of things, family texts are great for quick updates regarding family members, important information that needs to be shared can be given and for those family members who still have not joined society and joined a social media platform, you get to share your cute photos and videos with them.

Are you in a family group text?  What are the best or worst experiences you’ve had?  Share your thoughts in the comments.