Grace & Stella Rose Quartz Facial Roller Review

Facial roller, serum and Ipsy glam bag.
Are you due for a good facial massage?

Since Mielle Organics $5 Black Friday sale, I have been faithfully using their Pomegranate & Honey Revitalizing Face Serum as a part of my daily skin care routine (day and night). As previously stated in another blog post regarding the skin care products here, I have the entire skin care collection, minus the stretch mark cream because I'm not expecting to have any more children at this point in my life lol. So when the opportunity arrived with my Ipsy monthly subscription for February, to add on a facial massager (roller), I took it! I've had one of these rollers from another brand in my Amazon cart for awhile, but never ordered it, until now.

My skin routine is simple, to me at least:

  • cleanser

  • toner

  • facial serum

  • eye serum

  • moisturizer

This is the order that I use the most daily, give or take add a few drops of extra virgin olive oil to mix with a moisturizer. The facial roller as I'll call it from here on out, is suggested to be kept in the refrigerator after each use for better depuffing results.

Mielle Organics Pomegranate & Honey Revitalizing Face Serum

According to brand this face serum by Mielle Organics, "Moisturizes and hydrates the skin leaving skin soft and smooth." You can purchase the face serum here and the full skin care collection here.

Woman using a facial massager.
Adding this facial roller to my skin care routine is game changing.

This facial roller is easy to use and store which is important if you travel a lot. If you're not into serums, no worries, you still can use this facial roller when you apply oils to your face such as coconut oil or olive oil. You will need to stay consistent using this product to achieve your best, desired results. Once you apply your serum(s) or oil to your cleansed face, use the bigger end and roll outwardly across your face and use the smaller end to roll around your eye areas, outwardly towards your ears.....and that's it!

I'm still a newbie to this product but it's not much more to say because who doesn't love an affordable facial massage day or night, in the comforts of your home or hotel room? I came across an article in The Huffington Post that states, “Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin.” I did notice quickly, that once I applied the serums and used the facial roller, I could literally feel the products absorbing into my skin. I've never felt that before so previously my assumption is that, the products have basically set on my skin for awhile.

Do you use facial massagers such as this roller? What is your experience like? Let me know in the comments.


*This post is not in partnership with any brands mentioned above. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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