How I Overcame My Failures In Life

I get asked questions often and the questions are usually centered around someone needing encouragement, motivation or inspiration. So I decided to share, with you some tips on how I overcame the M-A-N-Y failures in my life because God is still working on me so know, trust and believe that my life is NOT perfect but my faith in God to get me through those tough times, is unmovable.

Below are some key areas in my life where I have FAILED. I pray that my life lessons will inspire you to take action in the areas of your life that may not be your best.

I failed at work.

I've failed so many times as an employee at a company or organization simply because of my laziness, being extremely hungover from partying the night before, lack of motivation and tons of excuses. I've spent so many years trying to climb the ladder of success without doing the real work to get there..... EPIC FAILURE!

I've overcome those failures by simply getting myself together holistically. I said wanted the big titles, the responsibilities and the perks of having a great career but truth be told, I couldn't manage or direct myself let alone anyone else.

So get your entire personal life in order if you want to succeed in your career.

I failed as a parent.

I probably should write another book, with this title because probably from day one, I can honestly admit, that I failed as a parent, over and over. I thank God for my parents stepping in and helping this selfish, naive and young mother that I was at the time, out more times than I can count.

My children mean the world to me, even if they don't really know it but to overcome this failure, I've reinvented myself, put them first, acknowledged when I was wrong and absent in their lives and asked for help over and over and over and over again.

There is no book or course that you can take to teach you how to be a great parent. You have to get out there and do the best that you can, ask for forgiveness when needed because you won't always do things right, and live to see another day. If you've failed as a parent at some point, forgive yourself!

I failed in my marriage.

I failed in my marriage because I wasn't ready to be a wife to another human being. I could blame my ex-husband (who is deceased) and say that everything in our marriage was his fault because of the physical abuse but it wasn't honestly.

I failed in that marriage 100% because I knew I shouldn't have married someone who was abusing me before we walked down the aisle at the age of 27 for me. There were good times where as a wife, I could've done better during the "for better or for worse" vow, but I didn't.

The greatest way to explain how I was ever able to overcome this failure is because I forgave myself and then him.

I failed in my business.

I failed so many times in my business because I simply didn't have my systems in place to make my website user friendly. I didn't have content planned, I didn't properly plan and doubled booked appointments. I started a non-profit and dissolved it two years later after starting it.

My business is what I put into it. So how I overcome failures within my business is, I control what I can control and take plenty of breaks to refocus and reflect on my mistakes.

If you are starting a business, evolving in your business or if you're a pro in it by now, there will always be times of failures. The great thing about it is, and I'm sure you probably can't see it right now, but there is so many beautiful opportunities that arise through failing in your business. Study someone who you look up to in business and I promise you that you will either read about or hear them speak about the many failures that they experienced in their business, before their business became successful.

If you've ever failed in life, no matter what the area of your life is where you failed, welcome to being a wonderful human being who have just experienced some setbacks. Setbacks are setups for opportunities that will be more than you could ever think, feel or imagine. You have to do the work to overcome your failures. At times it won't be easy, but I believe in you and I know that you will overcome anything that you want to, in God's timing and with God's help.