Interview with Shic Wellness Boutique Owner Syntyche Barnes

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Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My name is Syntyche (pronounced Sin-Ta-Key) I have been married for 11yrs and we have a blended family of 6 children.  I own Shic Wellness Boutique, it’s a nail salon, juice bar and natural body product store. In April 2019 the boutique will celebrate our 7 year anniversary!

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Can you describe for us, the beginning days or your first year as an entrepreneur?

My first days and years as an entrepreneur were hard! I opened the nail salon with no clients and I literally had to work for every client that sat in my chair. Days would go by I wouldn’t have any clients and it would honestly bring me to tears. It wasn’t easy but I stuck to the plan, worked crazy hours, built up my clientele and salon reputation and eventually was able to hire additional nail technicians.

With the success of Shic Wellness Boutique, what made you extend your business and services by opening up Juiced by Shic?

My husband and I began our fitness journey in 2016 and during this time we learned a lot about our bodies and how important our food choices are to our overall health.  I really developed a passion for juicing and for holistic healing and opening a juice bar seemed like the most natural next step.

What has been the most successful part(s) of being a full-time entrepreneur?

The most successful part of being a full-time entrepreneur is the opportunity to do what I love and to share quality products with our clients that can really make a positive impact in their lives.

What has been the most challenging part(s) of being a full-time entrepreneur?

The most challenging part for me is handling the pressures that entrepreneurs take on when they open their own businesses. You have employees that depend on their income, and clients that depend on the services and products you offer, managing it all can be both humbling and overwhelming.

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What's your favorite Juiced by Shic product? Why?

My Favorite? That’s a hard question, I Love Them ALL! Each one of the juices and smoothies bring out something different that I love as far as taste and nutritional benefits.

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What's the top selling Juiced by Shic product? Why?

The top selling smoothie is Pineapple RePHresher and the top selling juice is Meet Your Matcha.

Any advice that you could give an aspiring entrepreneur or an entrepreneur whose struggling with their small business and is considering giving up?

Do NOT give up, the struggle is a part of the process, I don’t know anyone who has been successful without struggling. Be stubborn about your goals but be flexible about your methods!


Image courtesy of @juicedbyshic Instagram

You can visit the location or you can place your order online, they ship nationwide.

Juiced by Shic

14736 S. Pulaski

Midlothian, IL



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