Lion King 2019 Soundtrack

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James Earl Jones voice always commands your full attention whenever he speaks so there's no doubt that when the intro to the sound track played the new Lion King movie, I stopped doing what I was doing. I wasn't quite sure what to expect because I haven't saw the movie yet. I'm not a movie goer unless my youngest son wants to go. It's just one of those things that I just don't have to do in life, repeatedly. Social media of course basically gave me every bit of the movie almost from showing their pics and videos all through my timeline. SPOILERS.

I heard so much of how the movie was terrible because to everyone's agreement, Beyonce can't act so the movie wasn't the best. This is NOT my conclusion, remember, I haven't saw the movie yet. I loved the songs that were released as the album dropped.... and that is why we are here. I decided to listen to the full album while I got some work done so that I can give you, ultimately what I thought about the album: Beyonce had an African & Caribbean themed party and invited us all together to hear her latest collabs, again.

My absolute favorite songs on the album are Bigger, Don't Jealous Me and Mood 4 Eva with Spirit taking us all home to glory at the conclusion of the album. While listening to Don't Jealous Me, I saw myself dancing with my virtual Nigerian friends somewhere in the world on a beach. Mood 4 Eva had a club like vibe to it but it was definitely a reminder to me of who I am in this life: BLESSED AND HIGHLY FAVORED!

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Of course, the favorite hit on this album is our new anthem, Brown Skin Girl with the precious vocals of her oldest daughter Blue Ivy at the end (I forget about her other kids too). Honestly, whenever I hear this song, I really want to take a seat in a corner as a light-skinned woman and let my rich melanin skin toned sisters have their moment. I know that Bey would be proud to see a bond between all brown skin girls because we have been put in positions to be placed against each other since the days of slavery and possibly before then. This song will continue to play throughout our lifetime, I'm sure.

I found myself while listening to the album, searching in my mind, what scenes in the movie would each song could be playing based off of the original movie? The slower tuned songs felt like I was listening to a typical Beyonce album, I fought the urge to fast forward those few songs to get back to the more upbeat songs. But, I guess the songs will all make sense once I go see the movie.

Did you see the new Lion King movie? Have you listened to the soundtrack yet? What are your thoughts? Post them in the comments.