Make a Statement!

Life happens.....there's no doubt about that, but even in the midst of chaos, make a statement! You're probably looking at this photo above of me saying something like, "awww that's cute." You probably thought that as a blogger, I was about to highlight my apparel or give you some cliche quote but I have something better for you. What you don't know is in this picture, my hair hadn't been washed in about two weeks #dontjudgeme and I've had a challenging week last week, like anyone else and members in my family health has been under attack so I've just been making a statement by being positive and I kept pushing forward trusting God to take care of ALL of my needs.

There's no need to stress over what you can't control so you might as well make a statement and get through the tough times, those times always pass over right? What does making a statement really mean to me? It simply means taking what life has thrown at you, finding the good in it -- no matter what it is--- and simply doing something bold about it in a positive way. But how can one be happy in the midst of life's every other week Armengedon's?

Here's how:

Control what you can and leave the rest to God. Why would you waste HOURS of your time sitting or pacing back and forth about something or someone that you can't control? Don't torture yourself like that. Get up or go out and go do something that really matters and once whatever was/is the problem is in reach of your control to deal with, deal with it then. Until then, let it go.

Remove the toxic person(s) or thing in your environment IMMEDIATELY. Do not pass go or collect $200 from anyone that is harmful to your survival or harmful to your physical body. It's not worth it. Get dramatic and turn on Beyonce' and start singing, "To the left, to left..." and kick his or it ..... out your space or life if needed. If something is harming you internally, get rid of it!

Work on that goal that you've been slipping on (this is a perfect time for a new idea to be birthed). Use that worked up energy and use it to actually be productive in some area of your life that you have put off for whatever reasons or to the side to focus on something else.

Lean on your support system. Playing the victim is played out!

Pray, meditate, take a walk, do yoga, praise dance or do whatever to reconnect with your Creator. This should probably be first but I didn't list these suggestions in any particular order. Do you boo.

The bottom line is don't go into isolation just because you have some trials and tribulations on the forefront of your life. Don't download "over worrying" into your mind about stuff that you have absolutely NO control over. Cut the credit cards or throw away all the toxic foods and ex-baes that keep texting you late at night....hey I'm going somewhere with this, don't be side eyeing me. Ex-bae need to go BYE BYE so that you can deal with your problems. No amount of food or good sex will help you get through life's hurdles. Ask yourself, WWJD?

But seriously, make your statement however you need to, just do it (borrowed that one from Nike lol). Making your statement may be different than mine but guess what, we both are doing what we need to do to live our best lives and help someone else along this life journey. When you make a statement you can't be timid about it. Think about a woman who boldly walked in a room and every head turned to see what everyone else was looking at. That's exactly how you make a statement in your life: Whatever is being sent to kill you, you have to snatch that thing up boldly and with God's help, you need to make a way out of no way and keep your head up the whole time you're dealing with the issues of life.

This reminds me of the story in the bible with David & Goliath. David took that sling shot and BOOM knocked that giant that was in his life down so boldly....girl that's what we need to do to make a statement. Use our natural gifts and talents given to use and knock the giants or obstacles away, for good.

So ask yourself, are you going to succumb to life's hurdles or are you going to make a statement?