My Favorite Christmas Holiday Movies to Watch

Updated: Dec 25, 2019

Nothing is more special, than binge watching your favorite Christmas movies during the holidays while wearing your comfy Christmas themed pj's. I'm talking about laying back, relaxing, enjoying some hot apple cider or spiked eggnog and curled up laughing your socks off literally, while watching your favorite holiday movies. Below are my favorite Christmas holiday movies to watch (in no particular order).

This Christmas

I'm sure we all watch this movie over and over but I really love This Christmas. I can relate to every character in this movie, at some point throughout my life. This movie is funny and it's exciting to see Chris Brown youthfulness in this movie. Of course we can't forget about C-Breezy singing Donny Hathaway's version of the hit song, This Christmas, watch the clip from the movie below.

Marry Me For Christmas

This is one of my go to movies to watch on Netflix. I love the storyline of a woman who's true love is right in front of her eyes all along and she never realized it. As single women, we get pressured to always appear to be doing just fine, especially around the holidays. Get your popcorn ladies and watch this movie during the Christmas holiday.

Friday After Next

*Sings* Holy moly donut shop, repeatedly. This movie most definitely made this list! Craig (Ice Cube) and Day Day (Mike Epps) are the comical duo that keeps me laughing as they escape the arms of Damon (Terry Crews) and Money Mike, (Katt Williams) pimpology scenes keeps me in a cheerful spirit throughout this movie. My favorite scene is the Top Flight Security part with Day Day checking the elderly women standing in front of the liquor store (it's too much profanity in the original version so watch it on BET, you know they're going to play it).

Dr. Seuss How The Grinch Stole Christmas

Isn't he cute? I love this movie, I watch this movie every year. This is definitely a movie that you can watch with your kids or the whole family together. Jim Carrey is a genius in this remake of the original Dr. Seuss story. I love the costumes and I become a child again, imaging that I was in Whoville being as cute as Cindy Lou Who. What's your favorite scene from this movie?

The Best Man Holiday

I only watch this movie for this scene right here (below). I know this is a sad movie eventually (hope you saw it and I was not being a spoiler). The men really went all out for their women in this special performance. This movie will become a classic to watch, in the years to come. Their reunion in this movie is hilarious as most reunions are when you link up with your college friends who have real responsibilities in life now.

This year, I plan on adding watching a good old black and white Christmas favorite, Miracle on 34th Street to this roster. I haven't watched this movie in years, probably since I was a teenager. There are tons of Christmas movies you can watch on Netflix. I'm a fan of the movies with a predominantly black cast.

What's your favorite Christmas movies to watch during the Christmas holiday? Share your thoughts in the comments.