My Favorite Hobby: Photography

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Give me a camera and the world through my lens, looks great. I love taking photos with either my iPhone Xs or my Canon EOS Rebel T5. I've spent years, studying photography and film which helps me create better photos. To me, it doesn't matter what camera you use, it matters who's taking the picture.

I can't remember exactly when I fell in love with photography, but I do recall whipping out my disposable cameras in high school at any given moment, to capture pictures with my friends as we hung out in the lunchroom, in the hallways or during P.E. classes outside. As I've gotten older, I've taken on learning what style of photography, I particularly like, for me, I love shooting products or food images.

Product image

I love shooting products and food images but I have captured some great pictures from proms, weddings, lifestyle images for my blog posts, etc. I learned from watching filming tutorials how to angle my shots and what directions the camera or photographer (my boyfriend) needs to stand in order to capture what kind of shots that I want.

Photography for me, is that one hobby that I really don't do enough of, and I really enjoy the rare occasions when I go out and shoot my shots, literally. Photography is like number three on my hobby list after reading and writing. It's always good to do something else outside of what pays you, just to appreciate your love for it more. I get paid for writing so, it's not always a breath of fresh air for me, like photography is (although I could get paid for that as well).

I'm always looking online to learn new tricks on how to capture better photos in my life moments. My go to is of course, YouTube tutorials and the website, No Film School click here

No Film School is a super cool website to learn so many tips from DIY lighting, what the film industry exec's are using to get certain shot for films, etc.

I am a visual learner, so I need images to teach me something in life. For example, I can read a book on how to take better photos, but it really registers when I watch a video of someone teaching on how to take better photos. Again, to me, it's not about what camera you have if you're a beginner, it just matters who has the knowledge behind the camera lens. If you're tired of taking crappy, grainy and blurry pictures, then take some classes or teach yourself, like I did. Sometimes, professional photographers taught me some of their cool tricks and I invested in my camera, equipment, textbooks, etc., to capture those moments in life that motivates me to write.

What's your favorite hobby that gives you peace? Post it/them in the comments.