My Favorite Places to Visit in NOLA

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

Every time someone from my hometown of Chicago visits New Orleans, they ask me questions such as, "Where to go?....Who has the best this or that?"...... and so on. So I decided to list the places that I frequent the most and I divided them up by the areas as well because I want more people to venture outside of the French Quarters when they visit NOLA. It's so much more to do here than party on Bourbon Street everyday of your stay here. So without further ado, here's my list:

French Quarter/Downtown/Bourbon Street

-Ruby Red Slipper (brunch)

-Crescent City Cigars (a cigar shop only)

-Huge Ass Beers (drinks and dancing)

- The Swamp (party and dancing; balcony usually open also)

-Cafe Du Monde (beignets and coffee)

-Kingfish (brunch)

-Visit Frenchmen Street (a smaller version of Bourbon Street)

-Copper Vine

-Bennichins (food is amazing!)

-Cafe Amilie

-Justine (brunch and great place for indoor photos)

-Auction House Market

-Cafe Sbisa (black-owned and great for brunch)

*Note: I rarely eat anything on Bourbon street so sorry don't have any suggestions there*


Location: 1040 Elysian Fields Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

Bywater Area/Frenchman Street

-Gene's Po'Boy

-Second Vine Wine (black owned store for wine and lounging areas)

-Faubourg Wine (store for wine and lounging)

-Robert's Fresh Produce Market

-Flora Gallery & Coffee Shop

-St. Roch Market (multiple deli, drinks and food vendors)

-Marigny Brasserie (cajun restaurant)

-Dat Dog

-Cafe Negril


-Breaux Carre

-Restoration Thrift (thrift store)

-The Orange Couch (coffee shop)

Uptown/Garden District/Mid-City Area

-The Bean Gallery (coffee shop and pastries)

-City Park (beautiful place to walk and talk, take pictures, visit the art museum and Sculptor Garden)

-Bayou Beer Garden

-Neyow's Creole Cafe

Magazine Street

-Mayan Imports (cigars and lounge areas indoor and outdoor)

-No Fleas Market (thrift store)

-Rum House (tacos and bar)

-Sake Cafe

-The Tasting Room

-Ms. Mae's The Club (open 24 hours)

*Note: Magazine Street has a ton of stores and eateries that you can enjoy for several miles*


New Orleans communities and cuisines are so colorful and refreshing. PLEASE, PLEASE if you are visiting for the first or nineth time, travel outside of the French Quarter daily, getting drunk. There's so much more to the city than Bourbon Street. You can find me mostly in the Bywater area or in Metairie, LA. That's a suburb right outside of the city of New Orleans. In Metairie, there's a shopping mall, tons of restaurants, stores, activities to do, etc. I hope this list of places have helped you on your search to finding some cool places to visit while you're in NOLA as I call it.



Unfortunately, I don't get to travel much to the Westbank area (that's crossing that big bridge you see in NOLA). I'm still adjusting to living here so I will periodically update this post as I find new places that I frequent and love. Hope this list helps you decide on some pretty basic and simple things to do in NOLA while you wait to do the nightlife stuff (I grew up out of that stage so you probably won't see me much in the French Quarters).