My Favorite Podcasts List

Ok so remember last year I blogged about podcasts becoming a new thing basically? Well in case you missed that post, click here and read it later. But, I have really grown to love podcasts more and more. I'm not sure if it's because of the podcasters themselves that make it a great experience for me, or if it's just a level of growth and maturity, within me.

I love listening to podcasts especially in the mornings on my way to work. I guess you can say that I replaced listening to trap music or R&B music in the morning to listen to podcasts instead lol. To me the podcasts set the mood for my workday and I feel motivated to conquer the world after listening to them. I believe that how we set our day (prayer, meditation, devotionals, etc.) and what information we consume (podcasts, news, social media, etc.), has a negative or positive affect in our minds and how we respond to whatever we face, daily.

Don't believe me? Try it out tomorrow morning on your ride in to work, doctor's appointment, school or anywhere where else that you're headed.


Below are my favorite podcasts that I listen to every week:

Confessions of a Werkaholic (Koereyelle)

This is the muva of all podcasters to me. I love Koereyelle's podcast episodes and if you follow me on Instagram you know that I am always posting her episodes in my stories.

Koereyelle does solo episodes or she is always getting her guests to confess why and what makes them passionate about what they are doing. Disclaimer: Your edges will definitely be snatched in some of the episodes because Koe and her guests definitely drop major gems in each episode! Make sure you are following Koereyelle on Instagram at @koereyelle and connect with her on the many things that she does as a serial entrepreneur.

I'm NOT a fashionista but I still love learning life lessons from various people no matter what their occupation or job title is. I had an opportunity to be in the room with both Koe and Rachael Mills at a brunch last year here in NOLA.

Episode 101: From Humble Beginnings to High Fashion (pictured)

"Listen in as Fashion Designer Rachael Mills confesses! Tune in to find out how she managed to turn her passion for fashion into a full-time career with countless celebrity clients!"

You can listen to this episode here.


Slay Girl Slay (Ashley Leggs)

Now I'm not a morning person, so on the days when I have to start work at 8am, I have to listen to the Slay Girl Slay podcast. Ashley has this soft and soothing voice that is angelic but will definitely keep your attention on her episodes.

Slay Girl Slay episodes focuses on lifestyle topics, career, relationships, health and wellness....all things that I love. You can follow Ashley on Instagram at @slaygrlslay and subscribe to her podcasts.


The Courtney Sanders Show

Courtney Sanders is a woman, wife, mother and an entrepreneur who is always giving so much great insight on her life and the world around her that is so relatable to us listeners.

When you listen to her episodes, you definitely feel welcomed as if you two were hanging out together at a local coffee shop, catching up on some much needed girl chat. You can follow her on Instagram at @courtneylsanders and subscribe to her podcast.


Switch, Pivot or Quit (Ahyiana Angel)

Y'all, I just met my new virtual bff! I am currently reading her book Quit Playing Small (book review coming soon) but I love her podcast episodes. Ahyiana does these quick episodes called 7 Minute Sunday and they are everything you need to get your life in order within 7 minutes.

Although I'm new to listening to her podcasts, I'm not new to following her amazing journey and I live in deciding when to "switch, pivot or quit" in this current season of my life. Ahyiana is so engaging with her audience especially if you join one of her Instagram live videos lol. If you want to be inspired in whatever moment you're in, definitely make sure you subscribe to her podcast. You can follow her on Instagram at @switchpivotorquit.


Side Hustle Pro (Nicaila Matthews Okome)

I'm not sure what rock I was under but you would think that, with all of my side hustle endeavors, that I would be listening to a podcast that will definitely teach me how to become a pro in my side hustles. Where hath thou been all of my life?

You will learn anything from tech startup, how to rent space for your business to hearing entrepreneurial diaries of others in these episodes. This is another new podcast for me as a listener but I'm ready to put myself out there and let you know, that you will definitely enjoy listening to each episode and learning more about economic development via your side hustle. Make sure you subscribe to this podcast and follow her on Instagram at @sidehustlepro.


What are your favorite podcasts to listen to? Post them in the comments so that we can all enjoy listening to them as well.