My Favorite Products for Summer Facials

How often do you exfoliate your face? Do you use fruit-like products such as citrus cleansers or scrubs? I love cleansing my face of course, so investing in my facial products for the summer are a must do. All of these items can be purchased for under $50. I have a blog post that shares the products I use in the wintertime here to give you a comparison. I use the Mary Kay Age-fighting Moisturizer year round because my skin just loves it!

According to Westlake Dermatology, "A common benefit of facial cleansing is the removal of dirt, oil, and other unwanted debris. Throughout the day the skin on your face is continually covered with bacteria, pollutants, viruses, dirt, and old (dead) skin cells. Daily facial washing removes these impurities to give the skin a fresh look (2019)."

In the summer months, I love the refreshing tingles I get from using these products below:

Here is a list of the products:

  • Mary Kay Age-fighting Moisturizer

  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

  • St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub

  • Neutrogena Wash-Off Clay Mask

  • Clean & Clear Facial Cleanser

  • Yes to Bubbling Paper Mask

Now I'm old school so I use Vaseline to seal all deals when it comes to moisturizing my face. I still find myself applying Vaseline several times a day in the summer because my face seems to be dry a lot. I'm not really sure of the cause of that other than this H-O-T weather down here in New Orleans, daily.

I have used the Oil-Free Acne Wash (pink grapefruit foaming scrub) the longest out of all of these products. I've used this product for years!

According to the brand, "With naturally derived grapefruit, Vitamin C and Salicylic Acid, our oil-free face wash starts working instantly to clear breakouts and even the marks they leave behind. With maximum strength Salicylic Acid, this unique formula powerfully treats and helps prevent breakouts—even blackheads. It eliminates oil and dirt, as well as rinses clean without over-drying. See clearer skin in just 1 week (Neutrogena, 2019)."

You don't need a lot of this cleanser during every use and you will definitely feel it working immediately as you lather it onto your skin.

Now the newest product that I'm eager to test out is the Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. I drag so much in the mornings and I know that once I apply this vitamin C and ginseng on my face, I will probably hold off on needing coffee immediately. I prefer to wipe off my facial cleansers with a warm face towel, instead of just throwing water at my face.....that will surely wake a person up though lol. If you purchase this product, like me know how your morning was after using it.

Last but not least, what is #SelfcareSaturdays without face masks? I mostly use sheet masks because they are so much easier to use and discard but this summer, I'm going to really slow down and actually use the Yes to Bubbling Paper Mask and the trial size Neutrogena Wash-off Clay mask for when I travel. Except for the Mary kay moisturizer, you can purchase all of these products typically at your local drugstores.

If you have sensitive skin or other concerns, please consult with a dermatologist and make sure you read the labels to see what ingredients are in any facial products that you use to avoid allergic reactions.