My Morning Routine as a Blogger

Woman sitting at City Park, in New Orleans.
Being a full-time blogger is more than doing photo shoots.

Being a full-time blogger and freelancer has definitely been a life adjustment for me. Of course the misconception is that, all I do is have tons of photo shoots, eat and party at cool places to write about my experiences on the blog. Although that is partially true, let me be clear upfront, that is NOT how I spend my mornings and most days as a blogger. My mornings starts about 9:30am or 10am (I'm a late riser). I have to fix myself a cup of coffee or my body just feels sluggish for the entire day and that is no fun. Sometimes, I go for a walk at City Park before really getting into my work day.

Woman looking at her planner and writing in her journal.
Planning my content is key to my consistency as a blogger.

Next, I read my bible (the book of Psalms this quarter) and my two devotional books. Depending on how I late I stayed up, I read, pray and meditate right from the comforts of my bed or at my writing desk. Based on what I read, I sometimes journal my thoughts or take notes to talk about something later on the blog or in my weekly newsletters.

I always pull out my planner and take a look at what I have planned for that day and sometimes I glance over the week. As a blogger, my content is planned out months in advance and so my planner lets me know what blogs are to be published for almost every day of the week. Some of my posts for the week are now repurposed because I've gained so many new followers on social media.

Woman writing in her journal.
Every month, I create a blog schedule.

I spend a lot of time, writing content for my blog or creating content/graphics for social media and Pinterest. Because I've done so many photo shoots to date, I have content that I can probably use til the end of this year. I've taken now going on, two months off of doing photo shoots and I still have content to post.

During my morning routine, I look at my blog schedule (where I list the topics and days that those topics will be published on the blog), and I identify tasks that need to be done: edit blog, schedule photo shoot with Britt, create social media templates, schedule pins for Pinterest, research topics for Wellness blogs, check my website analytics, etc. Noticed I haven't mentioned eating breakfast yet lol. I'm not a breakfast person, so coffee fills me up til lunchtime.

I spend anywhere between 3-4 hours, working on my blog in the mornings. Of course, not every morning is the same routine. If you are working a 9-5 you can either wake up earlier or work on your blogs from 6-8pm for example. If you need tips for balancing your 9-5 and blogging check out my previous post here. I'm very passionate about my blogs so taking the time to produce content for my readers, brings me extreme joy and it gives me something to look forward to doing daily. You probably thought that I was going to have this detailed list of things that I do, because I'm known for blogging consistently, but really, my morning routine is so simple and basic.

Sometimes, we get so caught up as creatives wanting things to be perfect that we don't create. So for me, I don't make things complicated in nothing that I do. That helps me stay focused in the mornings, when I'd rather sleep in til noon. I know the bigger goals I have as a lifestyle blogger and so I keep those goals in the forefront of my mind daily. I stay in my lane that I've created for myself and because of that, I operate in my best self daily. I write for other websites and sometimes my morning routine includes creating posts for those websites.

If you are a blogger, I encourage you to establish a routine no matter if it's in the morning or at night. Having a routine and sticking to it, will help keep you organized and you will definitely blog consistently. You can adjust your routine as needed, because things happen in our lives that's beyond our control. If you need help establishing a routine, don't be a stranger, let me know.