My Self-care Saturday Regimen

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Gold cleansing mask
Saturday's are perfect for self-care.

My #SelfcareSaturdays regimen have turned into using just 20 minutes of my time, lying flat on my bed on my back, in total silence and enjoying the tingling sensations of my face being cleaned and moisturized..... all for the cost of about $1.50 to $3.00 each time.  I purchase most of my sheet facial masks from Target or Walmart but have found one I liked also in Sally's. I absolutely love giving myself facials every week sharing with my readers my favorite skincare products that I use in my beauty category on the blog.  Of course, if your coins allow you to visit your local spa, go ahead and treat yourself.  Most facials are affordable no matter where you go.  

I am a huge fan of the sheet facial masks. I use those more than the clay or creamlike masks.  They're so much easier to use: you just take it out of the packet, put it on your cleansed face, sit for 15-20 minutes, remove/discard in your trash can, smooth on any remaining product and boom, all done!!!!  The challenge unfortunately is, not within using the masks, it's that some of us do not not know how to sit and do nothing for 20 minutes.  Trust me, I am not judging you because I too was a member of that undisciplined habit not too long ago. I do find that the facial masks I've used that are clay or creamy based, leaves my face dry and reddish and I'm just not a fan of throwing water in my face unless I'm in a swimming pool or at the beach.   

I find that using these face masks encourages me to make sure I not only treat my skin with care but sitting and relaxing is great for my mental health also.  As you know, I am a lifestyle blogger, a mother of three, partner to my boyfriend, friend and so on.  Which all means, that I'm not sitting around sipping lemonade enjoying these country breezes NOLA gets every now and then. Actually, my life can get busy.  I need a mental break weekly just from life......AND ..... I don't feel bad about having 20 minutes of MY life to MY damn self!

Black women with gold face mask
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Some women use facials as a time to catch up on some reading or other "light" work but to me, your body should be relaxed and truly free to drift off to a place with a peace of mind.  If you travel a lot or a little, face masks are great to use to prevent jet lag.  I would suggest at least once a week, giving yourself a deep cleansing facial.  Our skin is exposed to so many toxins that are in the environment that we need to take better care of our skin.  Or if you wear makeup, facials are a great cleansing method to remove excess products from your face and neck areas.

Remember, self-care is not just about pampering yourself, it's also about dealing with those reoccurring stressful issues, removing toxic people from your life, taking care of your mental health and living your best life!