My Summer Bucket List

Living in NOLA has been so rewarding but also it has kept me in a place of hibernating at home, always working on my blogs and business. This means I never get out much other than events that I'm invited to by my fellow bloggers or when I'm creating content for the blogs.

I haven't quite decided yet, if I really just enjoy being home rather than going out or if it's just the demands of running a blog and business......could be a mixture of both. NOLA heat is not to be played with so I try to stay indoors on the weekends until the sun goes down, or I wake up super early and run my errands, before the sun gets boldly out and heat up the city.

I have decided to do THREE things this summer that I either typically don't do when I have free time, the opportunity presents itself or that I haven't really given it a chance to do before. Here's my summer bucket list below:

Use my camera more often.

If you've been reading my blog posts, you know that photography is one of my favorite hobbies, but I just don't take photos enough consistently with my own camera. Well this summer, I plan to take my Canon outside more and enjoy capturing moments in my life more. Click here to read that blog post about my favorite hobby, photography.

I also plan to shoot more videos with my Canon. I have a passion for photography and film. I have the equipment, but I never use it and that ends this summer. I'm going to start bringing my camera along with me, when I go places and set aside dates and times to just shoot pictures. My Canon camera was a big investment for me at the time when I purchased it and I will use it more this summer, period!


Me last summer at the beer festival

Attend more festivals.

Ok, so living in NOLA, means there are tons of festivals happening throughout the summer. I am stepping out my comfort zone and my house for that matter and attending more festivals.

I've been to a couple of festivals here so far, but I get bored and very hot quickly, so I usually leave after about 20 minutes. Although I love food, I really don't eat a lot at one time, so going to festivals wear out on me quick.

I know that the bulk of festivals are indeed about the food, but I feel like, I haven't given it a fair chance, so don't be surprised when you see my IG stories full of pics and videos from me attending all kinds of festivals this summer.


Me last summer bike riding in Lacombe, LA

Go bike riding.

I had a bike, someone stole it and now I have another bike that needs some minor fixing done to it. I am surrounded by bike shops so I'm going to get my bike fixed and go bike riding more this summer. I used to go bike riding every weekend to local coffee shops until my bike was stolen. Bike riding is also great for exercising of course but I just enjoy the slow pace of riding through the neighborhoods enjoying the scenery. I could just pay and use those blue bikes around the city, but I rather ride my own bike.

What's on your summer bucket list? Post your thoughts in the comments.