My Travel Bucket List

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“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

A part of being a great storyteller is traveling to capture more stories. You capture stories of other people or tell your own stories as you travel. I really love traveling, but I don't do it enough. I've been spending my time and money more on rebranding myself and the services that I want to provide as a lifestyle blogger, so right now traveling for me is put on hold. However, I do want to share with my readers my travel bucket list. This list is in no particular order and doesn't have an expiration date even though my passport does.

1. Paris

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One day, I want my honeymoon to be in Paris. It is known as the city of love and I want to jump start my happily ever after story there. I really want to sip wine in the evenings and write more stories in my journal and to share stories from my own experiences there. Of course I would bring my Canon camera out of hiding and shoot some amazing photos.

2. Dubai

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Dubai is becoming more and more attractive to me with it's unique architectures. This is definitely a place that I would love to visit just for the amazing views. I'm a simple traveler, and I love doing simple things while I travel, so I can see me sitting somewhere in Dubai with an great view in front of me and reading a book. Simple. Dubai looks so futuristic just like the cartoon, The Jetsons.

3. Colorado

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I would love to visit Colorado in the winter time and snuggle up to a cozy log fire and sip some heated wine in a log cabin as I vacation. I would love to stay in a log cabin high up in the mountains, people watch as they ski and get some much needed relaxation on. Most people like to travel to sunnier places but I'm from Chicago, so cold weather and snow doesn't turn me away. I would definitely travel to Colorado for a writing retreat.

4. Rome

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I would love to visit Rome and learn more about it's history. I would just love to visit some of the places that we had to read about in those awful history classes in school. Again, this would be a place for me to really capture some great photos and learn about the history of some of the landmarks and people from our history textbooks.

5. Jamaica

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I'm just trying to visit this colorful place for some authentic jerk chicken and rum punch. My favorite food is jerk chicken and I would love to visit a real reggae club and get my dance hall on. I would deal with smelling like marijuana for a few days but I guess it'll be worth it. This image just makes me think of a self-care regimen I could do while in Jamaica.

6. London

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Me being the queen that I am, I would love to see the royal palace of where the Queen Elizabeth lives and the places where royalty is honored and respected. I would love to see the Big Ben clock and take photos inside of an infamous red phone booth one day. I know one thing, my photos would be amazing traveling to any one of these places.

7. Grand Canyon

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I am such an outdoor becoming one with nature, type of woman. I would love a great hike up the Grand Canyon and just stare out into God's beautiful creation of earth. Unless I'm in a plane, I am afraid of heights so I'm sure being at the top of the Grand Canyon can be a bit scary but worth the breathtaking view.

8. Hawaii

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Hawaii is such a beautiful place from every photo I see. As dangerous as volcanoes can be, it still hasn't deterred me from wanting to visit there. I love looking at the pretty blue water that surrounds the islands and it would be option #2 for a beautiful honeymoon.

9. Canada

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Drake has made us all fall in love with Canada. I never realized how close it was to Chicago, when I lived there. So now that I'm further down south, it's just one of those places that I would love to visit for a quick weekend getaway.

10. Japan

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I would definitely have to learn to speak fluent Japanese to visit there, maybe. I'm all for learning about other cultures and definitely eating their authentic foods like sushi, ramen noodles, miso soup and drinking some green tea. I am interested in visiting some places in the technology industry. I'd like to meet people who create some of our greatest technologies in today's time.

11. Africa

Last but certainly not least, as a proud African-American woman, I would love to visit the continent of Africa and learn the history of various African cultures. I would love to go on a safari and see all of the exotic animals and learn some of the dances that comes from our African cultures (see video above). I would love to sit at the feet of an elder in a village and just listen to their wisdom as they share stories with me. I would love to spend time with African girls and love on them because of my passion with working with teenage girls. I would also learn how to cook an African dish while I'm there.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you travel to? Create your bucket list and check back in with me as you travel the world.