Power Fitness with Kisha Williams

I am Kisha, the co-founder, trainer, and coach at Power Fitness Chicago. Even though Public Relations is my trade, I have always been a fitness enthusiast by heart. A lot of people are afraid of heights. Me? I am more afraid of widths.

My long-held belief is that fitness training and proper diet is the missing part of the puzzle in one’s journey to achieving a textbook body and a healthy lifestyle. However, I’m well aware that getting an awesome, healthy body is not easy. Sweat is pretty much a solid recipe for success if perfection is what you are looking for. In fact, that is why the word work is in working out, and the same reason I decided to dedicate my life in helping people who are stuck in their hopes.

After being in the fitness atmosphere for well over 10 years, I can honestly tell you that the greatest moment in life is when you realize that two weeks ago, your body could not do what it just did. Such joy is what I want to let somebody like you in on. I aspire to share my passion for fitness as an instructor, trainer, and role model alike.

With me, your skill level is none of my concern. All you need is a desire to make it.

I lead, instruct, and motivate individuals and groups in workout activities, including strength training, stretching, and cardiovascular exercises. I also vouch for healthy meals to keep the good physical shape going. If you believe it, so it will be. Put your mind into it, and you might be surprised by what your body can accomplish!

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In my long journey to being a professional trainer, I have accomplished major milestones in cycling, boxing, kickboxing, and Pilates. I have also developed training programs and executed them with diverse groups.

In 2013, I decided to transform my health and fitness skills from just a sideline to a profession. I immersed myself by earning several fitness accreditation programs including Beach Body, AFAA, and Shaw Academy certifications.

I graduated from Governor’s State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Communication and Public Relations. I attended Shaw Academy and received my Certification in Personal Nutrition and Sports Nutrition. I have also received other certifications from AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America), Beach Body TurboKick, Piyo and Pound.

Notable accomplishments:

  • In 2014, together with my husband, I received approval from the City of Chicago to carry out an After School Matters program, which would see Chicago Public School students assist in fitness related classes.

  • In summer 2015, I executed my approved program and named it Teen Esteem Health & Fitness. Some of the things I focused on were self-defense, nutrition, and overall fitness.

  • In summer 2015, my husband and I offered the Battle of the Sexes Beach Workout Series on Chicago's Lakefront. Together, we engaged in a fitness competition against the opposite sex to educate, learn and experience the benefits of fitness.

  • In 2016, I used the Kish Power Fitness sub-brand to launch various fitness essentials, among them, Waist Burner and Waist Burner Vest. In the same year, I organized a new challenge with my clients entitled “The Waist Race.”

  • In Spring 2017, my husband and I opened Power Fitness Chicago, a private gym focusing on delivering fitness services and products to both children and adults.


Kisha Williams

Gym Owner, Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor


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