Pros and Cons of Using Birth Control

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Back in June, I was doing a live video on Instagram and one of my followers asked me to do a blog topic about birth control for my wellness category. I personally have been taking birth control pills since I was about 16 years old. At the time, I remember going to Planned Parenthood with my friend who had a scheduled appointment and I started asking questions about birth control pills. I heard great things about the pill so I scheduled my appointment and went on my own to get a check-up and afterwards I was prescribed pills to take daily.

Most women don't like to take the pills for the mere fact that they feel like they will forget to take them everyday so they opt to take another method that requires less maintenance which is understandable. I've heard of some horror stories regarding birth control, but for me personally, I haven't had any with taking birth control. Yes I gain a few pounds while on them, but as a skinny girl, the weight goes in the right places so I shall not complain.

I take Ortho-Tricyclen Low pills daily at night right before bed. It doesn't make me nauseous or anything (it could be but I'm sleep so it doesn't bother me at all). I remember being told by my doctor to take the pills at the same time everyday during something that you do everyday to help you remember to take them. Well, I love going to bed every night so that was a win win for me lol. As I always say, you have to do what works best for you, your health and your lifestyle.

There are eleven methods of birth control: (1) male and female condoms (2) sponge (3) diaphragms (4) cervical cap (5) IUD (6) patch (7) spermicide (8) sterilization (9) implant (10) ring and (11) pill. Below is a chart of how effective birth control is:

Back in college, I tried to use the shot and I was miserable the entire time. I'm known to get bored easily so I just went to the doctor when I was scheduled to get a new prescription for birth control pills. The doctor told me that in order to start the shot as a method of birth control, I had to currently be on my menstrual cycle......lucky me that day. The doctor administered the shot that day and six months later, I was still on my cycle DAILY. Talk about hormones going through the roof. For whatever reason(s), the shot made my menstrual cycle continue non-stop and every three months, I had to go back to the doctor to see if there were any changes. Well by month six, the doctor and I decided to wean my body from the shot because it wasn't working, obviously. So once I was cleared, I began taking the birth control pills, again.

Here are some pros and cons of taking birth control according to Health Research Funding (read the full post here):


  • Helps prevent teenage pregnancy

  • Sex is not interrupted

  • Can reduce the frequency of periods

  • Reduce some serious health risks

  • The best way not to get an abortion


  • Religiously undesirable

  • Does not protect against STD's or HIV

  • Effectiveness varies

  • Can be a hassle

  • May run into issues with mood swings

Regardless if you decide to take birth control methods or not, please practice safe sex, CONSISTENTLY. If you notice any problems while taking any birth control methods, consult with your doctor ASAP. Everyone effectiveness is different so do your research but also pay attention to your body as well.