Share Your Story

I could never imagine where my life would be right now, had I not told my story about surviving domestic violence. Every time I tell my story, I get chills because I know that at the end of me telling my story, I just helped a woman leave an abusive relationship, continue to survive if she's left already or my story inspires other women to tell theirs. I don't take full credit alone for this journey of storytelling and that's why I always share my platforms with so many other women, even until this day and in so many ways.

Me as a guest speaker at a church for Domestic Violence Awareness Month (Chicago, IL)

I've told my story on so many platforms which has impacted the lives of others. I've shared my story in churches, conferences, radio broadcasts, theatres, local coffee shops and boutiques, schools and colleges, homeless and domestic violence shelters, organizations, events, blogs, books, crisis calls, in person encounters and many others.

I'm not bragging about my diverse speaking engagement opportunities, but what I'm trying to paint a picture of is, that you can allow God to use your story on a multitude of platforms, where someone needs to hear it. Your story is not for you to suffer alone with in silence, your story is to help someone, no matter what story it may be. If you're not comfortable sharing your story to the masses, start small. You can even anonymously share your story (if needed) through ghostwriting. Start a blog, create or join a private Facebook group, start a support or mentoring group, create a campaign, etc.

People ask me all of the time, how did I get started telling my story? Honestly, it wasn't my choice to do initially. My mentor at the time, who I was briefly staying with, told me, "You need to write your story." She immediately handed me some loose leaf paper, a pen or pencil and told me to start writing. After I finished writing what all I had been through, I typed it up and printed out a few copies and gave one to my sister who was visiting our family from out of town and I gave a copy to a retired English teacher to edit. Once they gave me their feedback and edits, I made the revisions and called my cousin who produced plays, to find out how to get copyrights and the manuscript published. She connected me to a publishing (print only) company and a few months later, I self-published my first book. Wow, right?

Maybe you don't want to write a book. I had no plans of writing a book either. But you can share your story in so many ways thanks to social media and through personal encounters offline. Your story doesn't have to be something traumatic like mine was at the time. If you're good at something that other people struggle with, share your story. For example, if you are great at raising teenagers, girl call me! If you have a successful business, share your story with aspiring businesswomen. Don't let your story stay inside of you. Share it with someone who needs to hear it.

What story do you need to share? Share your thoughts in the comments.