Simple Steps to Start a Legal Business with Atlenea Beard of Beard Admin Services

Guest Contributor: Atlenea Beard

This week on the blog, I have been talking about entrepreneurship. If you haven’t already, check out my blog post “5 Tips to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur.” Once you’ve read that blog post, you will better understand these follow up steps to help you start a legal business by my guest contributor, Atlenea Beard.

I’ve known Atlenea for some years now and I can attest that the knowledge she has is essential to helping you start your business. When I first started my foundation for victims and survivors of domestic violence, Atlenea was always volunteering and providing me with administrative tips to help me sustain my foundation.

So after you’ve begun the journey of moving past just thinking about starting a business and you’re ready to put some action in front of those thoughts, here’s Atlenea’s simple steps to start a legal business:

1. Extensive Name Research

Completing an extensive name research for your business name is essential to starting a business. This is to ensure that the business name you have chosen is available in the state you are opening in and not trademarked. Make sure you search far beyond Google and social media. If your name is unavailable, you are back at square one.

2. Reservation of Name

Reservation of name is an important step to ensure that you place your name on hold until you complete all the legal paperwork and file for your trademark. Reservation of name can be good for up to 90 days in some states, it may vary from state by state.

3. State Level Trademark

Most states allow you to Service Mark or Trademark a name, logo or slogan. This step is recommended to ensure that no one will use your name, logo or slogan and it in a way equivalent to the reservation of name. However, the Service Mark or Trademark can be good for up to 5 years but may vary from state to state. This is for only for the state the business will operate in, it does not cover you nationwide.

4. Legal Entity Filing (Inc, LLC, Sole Proprietor, etc)

Filing legal entity paperwork can be tricky. Making a decision on the type of business entitiy to file will depend on the nature of the business.

5. Obtain an EIN Number

Every business is required to obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) for tax purposes. EIN Numbers can be obtained via


Beard Admin Services company provides each service listed above along with non-profit start-up, legal binding contracts, registered agent services, business management, administrative assistant services, proofreading and editing services.

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