Spiritually "Devoted to Him" - Sarah Jakes Roberts

Image courtesy of SJR Instagram: @sarahjakesroberts

“Devoted to Him. Wife to an epic king, mom to incredible children, daughter of remarkable parents, & sis to talented sibs.” – Sarah Jakes Roberts Instagram Bio

With words like that to describe her life in a quick bio on Instagram, there’s no wonder why, Sarah Jakes Roberts (SJR) is so relatable to women in today’s society as a spiritual leader. Spirituality for women over the years have definitely shifted from more women leading different ministries in the church and men handling the business of the church and preaching in the pulpit. To now, you can find more women in the pulpits, and those same women evolving right in front of our eyes, and not ashamed to show us that they are human just like we are.

I follow SJR on Instagram and every time I see a snippet of her preaching, I’m always in awe of just how real she keeps it with anyone who is listening. I won’t be a book spoiler and talk about her testimony in this post, but I will tell you, to go purchase her books or watch her videos of her sermons but whatever you do, definitely go check her out. I have really appreciated her transparency and realness throughout the years. She’s always sharing that her mother Serita Jakes is a great woman of God who has gracefully guided her, throughout her life. Most of us can relate to that strong mother or grandmother that have been the backbones of our families, spiritually.

I can honestly say, that I didn’t develop my relationship with God until I was in adulthood (I know I’m not alone here). I went to church because that’s what I was told to do. We did the same things over, and over, and over, week, after week, after, week and so forth. So my thoughts about church was, as soon as I’m out of my parent’s house, I’m getting far away from church because it’s so boring. But God…….. knew that I’d be back eventually. I think that between the ages of about 18-25ish we are living our lives and not really into our relationship with God or we throw Him off to the side until we really need something from Him. Sad, isn’t it? I didn’t grow up in a religious house, per say but going to church was just one of the rules that my mother didn’t play about.

So once I became a wife and mother to children, I didn’t have a clue on how to raise children or be a wife in my early 20’s, so I had to gain a relationship with God. It wasn’t easy at first like any other blooming relationship. I had to read the bible past Genesis chapter 1. I had to really study the word of God and apply it to my life. Oh the trials and tribulations became my testimony to this day, even the more. And I was miserable because I was walking around not knowing my purpose in life. I have since then, experienced knowing God on so many levels that I wholeheartedly know that He’s real and ever present in my life. I went through my divorce in 2010 leaning on God’s promises for my life and felt so alone before, during and afterwards because everyone around me was happily married with children and I was the outcast, again. So I tried to just keep to myself to avoid feeling guilty or ashamed that I was divorced.

I was so out of touch with life and didn’t have a career. So often times, I would be in a room full of educated women who were excelling in their careers and I would sneak in a bathroom or room and cry my heart out because my self-esteem was so low. As my relationship with God continued to grow, so did my self-esteem and love for the journey that God was taking me on. So I stopped comparing my life to others and began doing the necessary work internally and externally to become who God has called me to be (and He’s still not done with me yet). My spirituality is something that I cherish and value. It is with me all day long and any chance I get, I freely share my beliefs in God with others.

When I listen to women like SJR, I know that no matter what life throws at me, I’m a child of God and I can get through anything in this thing called life. Black women today are the majority in most churches today and so it is only fitting that we see more women coming from behind traditional roles of being a Sunday school teacher to a more pronounced role of pastoring our churches. With technology, it is so much easier to connect spiritually online with other women whether following your favorite spiritual leaders on social media, streaming church services online, or attending spiritual conferences around the world. Spirituality is becoming of the utmost importance to women in our culture. You can be a child of God, wife or partner and mother, it’s called living a balanced life. I put God first in my life before anyone or anything.

As women, we are the first to arise in our homes in the mornings and the nurturers to our family, so we have to connect spiritually with God who created the people in our lives and who created us. However, you get to know God is yours alone. Your relationship with God is going to be different than your relationship with anybody, trust me. Start meditating and praying if you don’t know Him. Invite Him into your life more daily, don’t just pray when you need something. How would you feel if your friend only called on you when they needed something? If you’re in need of a revival with God spiritually, connect more with Him than the things and people of this world. Talk to Him. Devote time just for Him and read His word.

Is your life devoted spiritually to Him? What do you need to do daily, to connect more with God? Share your thoughts in the comments or write your thoughts in your journal.