The Orange Couch - My Summer Workplace

This summer my workplace or office will most definitely be at The Orange Couch. I found this place last year riding around trying to get familiarized with the local shops in my area of town. I love a place that I can easily walk to or ride my bike to on the weekends and get some work done and this place is definitely it.

The Orange Couch is a, "Stylish, modern coffeehouse with java drinks, baked goods, global eats & live jazz some nights."

They have pastries, fruit and so many other treats while you enjoy your morning cup of coffee, catch up with an old friend or just want a peaceful environment to get some work done.


  • Fast service

  • Great tea selection

  • Great coffee

  • Outdoor seating

  • Solo dining

  • Good for working on laptop

As you know, my work involves a lot of writing and planning content so I need a brightly lit workplace that can accomodate my long hours of working. The Orange Couch, literally has an orange couch in it lol but it's set up is so versatile to fit your needs. You can work on the couch or lounge area, at a table and chair or outside, it's totally up to you. It is also wheelchair accessible, you can dine in or carry out. According to a google search, the environment is cozy and comfy, typically tourists or college students are there but I've seen locals frequent the establishment as well.

Now getting back to doing some work, I really enjoy being around other people who are also working. Their energy helps keep me focused on my tasks and I'm not easily distracted or people watching. I love waking up on weekends early, and getting to the coffee shop around 8am and I can work until about 3pm usually. I plan my content, write my articles as a freelancer, draft upcoming emails to send my subscribers, update my online store or website as needed and so much more. This is a place where I will definitely be getting some work done at, to switch up my work environment at home.

Do you have a favorite workplace? Post your response in the comments.

The Orange Couch

2339 Royal Street

New Orleans, LA 70117

(504) 267-7327


Instagram: @theorangecouchcoffee