Ugly Sweater + Girls Night Out Event

Ugly sweater + girls night out event
Ugly sweater but fine women

Ladies we have entered into the holiday season, so let the festive events start!!! Every month since one of my favorite "housewives" Lynn aka "Nolahousewives" started her monthly networking event, I've been in attendance and always looking forward to the next event because they keep getting better and better. I was invited to her December Ugly Sweater + Girls Night Out event at The Revolution NOLA. This was the first time I wore an "ugly sweater" although my Facebook friends said it was cute lol.

Meet Lynn

Ugly Sweater + Girls Night Out event 2019
You enjoy any night out with these women

Lynn (raising her hand) is a wife, mother of two beautiful girls, a lifestyle blogger and foodie from New Orleans. When asked why she started the monthly networking event, her response was, ”I started Girls Night Out for women to get together one night a month in a safe and inclusive environment to support local women entrepreneurs through sip & shop and also to network with one another!!”


Housewives in the City was launched in 2011 in the suburbs of Washington DC by our founder, Andrea Khoury. ​We have now expanded to 40+ cities across the US to build hyper-local blogs, supportive online communities of women, and hosted monthly Girls Night Out Networking Socials.

Happy hour

I always arrive early to any event mainly because I don't like being late and two, for the amazing happy hour specials. I ordered several lemon drops for $5. Whenever happy hour is about to end, I order two more of whatever drink I'm having so that I can continue sipping at a discounted rate. Thank me later ladies lol.

Ugly Sweater + Girls Night Out

I didn't get a chance to visit the vendors because I was so engaged in my conversations and checking out all of the creative "ugly sweaters" which were so cute to me.


At the conclusion of the events, there are always great giveaways and this event was no different. Now, in case you didn't win a giveaway, you were still a winner because of their infamous swag bags that are limited so you do not want to miss out on them. Since this was my first time getting a swag bag from the events, I decided to show you a video of some of the things that were inside, see video below.

Inside the Infamous Swag Bag

Girls night out is one of the best events happening in the city of New Orleans monthly. Contact Lynn and connect with her on social media if you are interested in attending or becoming a vendor at her next event.


Feature image and Lynn photo courtesy of Katherine Kimball

"Ugly sweater" from 5 Below