Vaginal Steaming with Shamelah "Melah" Jones

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

Guest Contributor: Shamelah "Melah" Jones

The history of vaginal steaming can be found throughout the world and has been used for many centuries. Some countries that practice vaginal steaming is Kenya, South Korea, India, Mexico, Ghana, and South Africa. Vaginal steaming can be identified as V-steam, Womb Wellness, Hip baths and Yoni Steam, herbal steam and feminine care as well. Vaginal steaming is important because it nourishes the womb, gets rid of viruses and diseases, regulates periods and provides an overall fresh feeling. It nourishes the kidney, liver and all organs that are tied to the menstrual cycle. For women who suffer from reoccurring bacterial infections, yeast and kidney infections, steaming helps to get rid of those issues. It also address and promotes a healthy period. What does a healthy period look like? This is typically a period that lasts between four to five days, free of blood clots and also free of brown spotting before and after the cycle. Oh!..... and don’t forget it is also free of cramps, which is a larger indication of old residue from the previous period. Vaginal steaming provides an uterine cleanse from the previous cycle. It eliminates odor, and is overall apart of our heritage and our right as women to self heal and is a form of self empowerment. 

Vaginal steaming is 100% natural because it uses four components of the vaginal steaming process: water, fire, steam and herbs.  Steaming creates movement, cleans the uterus, lifts and removes noncancerous growths such as fibroids and cysts. Steaming also has a tighten effect on the skin which is excellent for women who suffer from prolapse and melts solid matter. Steaming your vagina also eliminates toxins. 

Who can steam? Girls as young as 12 years old, pregnant women, and premenopausal and women who are actually experiencing menopause. Vaginal steaming strengthens the vaginal muscles  and improves vaginal prolapse and restores moisture, eliminates cramps, resolves unexplained infertility and cleans the uterus after a miscarriage. Vaginal steaming enhances libido and addresses underlines issues of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) and Endometriosis. There are endless and helpful benefits of vaginal steaming and it promotes clear and glowing skin. 

Why not do yourself the honor of providing the ultimate level self care within the privacy of your own home? My advice for any woman who is interested in vaginal steaming is to first, find a certified vaginal steam facilitator. It is important that the service provider is knowledgeable regarding vaginal steaming  and herbal properties. Secondly, please understand that your diet plays a major part in your vaginal health, with that being said, I would also suggest eating healthier and increasing your water intake as well. Lastly, in most cases it’s not about the fastest person completing the race, vaginal steaming takes time to see results depending on your vaginal needs. Some women have reported seeing immediate results while others have reported seeing results within 3 months. If you can commit to at least 10 minutes a day towards the promotion of healthy vaginal health, then steaming is for you. 


My name is Shamelah also known as “Melah.” I’m 34 years old who finds laughter through pain.  I hold a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and I’m currently finishing my second masters in Addiction Studies. Counseling is my first true passion, I honestly love working with at risk youth within the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs. I’ve had the pleasure of finding my second passion of providing vaginal steaming services as well and selling herbs for vaginal steaming. I love food as I’m finding new ways to embrace being a pescatarian, I also currently engaged to the love of life. I enjoy any and everything that makes me laugh and I’m all about the empowerment of women. 

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