We Can Do It - Together!

Image courtesy of Derek Blanks

To kick off Women's History Month on the blog, I'm dedicating myself and my platform to snatching edges and going mask off on some of my topics because some of us have lost our minds along the way of our influential success journeys. Some of us forgot who really started the natural hair movement. We forgot about the real QUEENS of art and literature in our culture and so much more. It's high time that we STOP competing with each other and start collaborating.......TOGETHER!

"We Can Do It! .....is an American World War II wartime poster produced by J. Howard Miller in 1943 for Westinghouse Electric as an inspirational image to boost female worker morale. The poster was very little seen during World War II. ... image was used to promote feminism and other political issues beginning in the 1980s (Wikipedia, 2019)."

Girl, I'm so tired of working in environments where women (no matter their race) are always competing with each other. Please due us all a favor if you think another woman is after your title, or knows more job-related information or even if we must go here, she knows more water cooler or breakroom gossip than you........ GO HAVE SEVERAL SEATS.

I am just tired of it......

If you are that woman who think the world revolves around you at the office, have you ever really took the time and thought about, how much time it took or how many women actually put their lives on the front lines literally for your selfish a$% to be in the position that you're in? Stop reading this blog post and go have a come to Jesus moment and come back later when your mind is right!

If you are that woman in the office just like me who is fed up with it all........keep reading.

I have always been surrounded by a group of women doing big things and almost never competing with the woman sitting next to her over anything. Quite frankly, it's just childish if you're still exhibiting those behaviors at our age (shhhhh your age is safe with me boo). I find it so soothing to collaborate with other women over competing with them.

Let me introduce you to some KICK-A%$ women above, that I know and have grown to love with no competition in sight between us. For the sake of time and this post, and me being a creep in the back lol, I won't introduce them one by one because you will always see them in my Instagram feed or stories, hanging out and doing what we do best: Being a movement by ourselves and a force when we're together! Thanks Fabulous for that rap lyric. So check them out (I always tag them in my post and of course...... SUPPORT THEM!).

Ok but back to the getting our work ethics together in this day and age. I used this group of women as an example that you can dissolve the theories of "no new friends" and "I don't hang with too many women friends because...." foolishness. We all are content creators (bloggers and vloggers) but as women collectively, we are definitely getting some R-E-S-P-E-C-K put on our names out here in these NOLA streets and beyond. Notice I didn't talk about anyone in particular doing any one particular thing better than the next woman....NOPE.....NOT HERE ON THIS WEBSITE. We love and support each other equally.

I'm okay with subcultures in every group of women because sometimes, in a group of friends, there will be some who talk and work more with each other for a variety of reasons. I get it! But even in our subcultures, we don't have to compete with one another. Usually if you're the quiet individual you can fit in any subculture of the group because honestly, no one can figure you out so they just accept you wherever your feet land (welcome to my world). There will always be persons in the group or work environment who voice their opinions more than others (and sometimes louder), you will most definitely have a fashionista or two in the group....no need to compete.....I've learned that my fashionista sister can help me pair a mean top and accessories with my favorite pair of jeans and make me feel like I'm strolling through New York's fashion week. I think that's what it's called....see why you would need a fashionista BFF to collaborate with if you're like me?

These are just my REAL life experiences of how not competing with other women in work or personal environments have benefitted me rather than hurt me. If you're following me on social media or read my blogs frequently, you saw last week for my wellness category I talked about the importance of having the right size pad while you're on your period, while testing out the new product by Always called the FlexFoam. To go back and read that blog post click here: https://www.feliciatsimpson.com/blog/always-infinity-pads-with-flexfoam-review

Britt Smith Photography

Just a quick recap of how this black girl magic unfolded.....TOGETHER. I'm a writer (and film director in a previous life but later on that). I basically was looking for a chic couch to do a photo with the product and my blogger friend who know the importance of having quality images to produce our best work, opened up her home and not only did she provide me with an AMAZING backdrop (my simple minded self said I needed a couch and God said, watch this?!?!?). So I wound up using her house for FREE 99 to do THREE different scenes for upcoming blog posts and social media posts in ONE hour. Yep my blogger friend and photographer are the BOMB! My blogger friend even helped me tie my heels because y'all know I'm not that "girly girl" and me and heels just don't mesh well long.

My favorite serial entrepreneur, Koereyelle Duboise always say, Girls compete. Queens collaborate. When you are operating in your purpose, there is no competition. Nobody can WERK (that's how she spells it) your divine plan like you. It was created just for you."

So I have definitely typed a mouthful but I hope I painted a better picture of WHY you need to collaborate more with women than to ever compete with them. Ladies, we can do it----TOGETHER!