Werk Pray Slay: Boss'd Up, Now What Breakfast

The women of the Werk Pray Slay brand.
Koereyelle and her Werk Pray Slay team (LB and Alicia)

On day 4, we were ready to BOSS UP at the breakfast and closing for the Werk Pray Slay conference weekend. If you know me, then you know that I'm a true "tom-girl" when it comes to fashion but these WERKaholic women exemplified the word GORGEOUS on the final day!

Women at Werk Pray Slay 2019
Fashionable BOSS'D UP women

When I first entered the venue, I was sure that I had been invited to attend a fashion show because the women were all looking like they were ready to rip the runway! I enjoyed the versatility in everyone's attire and especially the beautiful details on their pieces and accessories.

Founder of Werk Pray Slay
Koereyelle, the MASTERMIND behind Werk Pray Slay

Koereyelle gave us a jaw dropping keynote speech, per the usual and let's just pause here for this BOSS'D UP piece Koe is wearing.

Now here is where my life got real! I finally met in person, my favorite people in these social media streets but they really are BOSSES in real life: Apryl Beverly (middle) and Bianca Robinson (right). Apryl's energy is like your sweet and classy aunt and Bianca is Bianca, who you see on social media, real and just like your best friend that you tell all of your secrets to.

I posted on social media about meeting Bianca, "From always sliding in her DMs, buying her courses, saving my coins for a VIP session with her, always attending her live videos, to watching her story time on IG everyday of my life...... I FINALLY MET BIANCA in person!!!!! God has been GOODT lol to me this weekend."

Check out more pics from the BOSS'D UP closing breakfast below:

Lucinda Cross S-N-A-T-C-H-E-D all of our edges when she taught us "The Big Ask." Check out her page and find out what that is because I'm following aunt Lucinda instructions and not share it because she said, y'all should've been there! The food that I sat down long enough to eat, was so delicious. During breakfast, several awards were given to women who have definitely put in that WERK!

I wasn't ready and neither were the WERKaholics for Pinky Cole of the Slutty Vegan restaurant in Atlanta that speaks for itself. She came on that stage and took us to chuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch not church, but chuuuuuucchhhhhhhhh. Her testimony was amazing and once again, it was the motivation we all needed, to "get that ass to WERK!" After her panel interview with Koe, Pinky was honored and we all got to see the revealing of the new WERK Mag cover (fall issue), with Pinky on the cover. For attending the conference, we all received a FREE copy of the magazine!

Group photo of Werk Pray Slay 2019
Werk Pray Slay 2019

Words can never fully explain the amount of gratitude I have in life now, for being in those rooms at the conference. Just as this group shows, I've gained a huge sisterhood that I am honored to be apart of now. Every woman you see in this picture and the long line of women off to the side and in the room that's not pictured, are BOSS'D UP women that you should know, PERIODT!