Werk Pray Slay: VIP Welcome Party (90's Theme)

90's theme party at Werk Pray Slay 2019
LB, Koereyelle and Alicia (left to right)

If you would've told me that I would be hanging out at "The W" in Atlanta. Chilling on a Friday night, sipping signature drinks, taking pictures and crying laughing with the entire WERK PRAY SLAY team and with other black woman from around the country......we’re melodiously sanging our hearts out together during karaoke at Werk Pray Slay, honestly, I wouldn't believe you...... but it happened!

If you've been following me, then you've seen the journey of how this moment happened. If we're new to one another, first of all, HELLO! Now let me briefly update you on how this all was manifested (remember this is the short version of the whole story lol). Last year, I told myself that I was going to find a way to get to Werk Pray Slay (W.P.S.) conference in 2019 by any means necessary. I activated that thought and got my ass to WERK on making it happen! I submitted an application to be a contributor in the summer issue of WERK magazine and my application was accepted! Months later as I continued to werk on my plan to attend the conference, I quit my full-time job in July, to become a full-time entrepreneur. THAT WAS A HUGE RISK BUT IT WAS WORTH IT! Then God sent me a blessing that I will NEVER forget: I won a VIP pass to WPS from a giveaway they were doing on Instagram and BOOM, I just attended Werk Pray Slay 2019 conference.

Over the next six days on my blogs, I will take you on the journey with me at W.P.S., visually. You will get to see photos, video clips and more. As Koereyelle would say, I hope this inspires you to get that ass to WERK!"

90's candy and treats display at Werk Pray Slay
"Life is short....let's make it sweet" - Koya's Kre8tions

At the VIP welcome party, we were greeted, once we got off of the elevator with music, all of your favorite candy from the 90's and everyone received a complimentary ticket for the signature drink. Those drinks definitely came in handy, for what would happen next........

VIP Welcome Party at Werk Pray Slay
Werk Pray Slay Signature Drinks


As you can see from the featured image, the women behind Werk Pray Slay (Koereyelle, LB and Alicia), made their grand entrance into the party, dressed as our favorite girl group, TLC, which would lead us into, some good old karaoke.

VIP Welcome Party at Werk Pray Slay
LB definitely got in the groove during karaoke

Now I've seen some people perform karaoke before, but these women were literally, putting their hearts and souls into some of these songs.

We danced, sang, played games that helped us all get to know each other more and create a bond, that started that night, but will strengthen over a lifetime. The 90's themed welcome party was an excellent way to officially kick off, WERK PRAY SLAY WEEKEND!!! Become a member of my website, so that you won’t miss any of the WPS recaps this week and get notified first, when new blog posts are published.