What I'm Looking Forward to this Fall

Wow, just a blink of an eye, we were back in March and now it's August and I'm looking forward to some new things coming this fall. Although the official day of fall is September 23, 2019 but if you know me, I plan ahead so that I won't be behind or doing things at the last minute.

So with that being said, I'm looking forward to several things this fall. For starters, I'm really looking forward to publishing the first issue of my magazine called FEARLESS. If you haven't, pre-order your copy here. This is a lifestyle magazine that I, a black woman, created for black women. I was so tired of looking at the mainstream magazines (which are great) but I wanted to create something of my own to share with the world and create a sisterhood for those who purchase the magazine.


Next, I'm looking forward to creating more and better content for my website and social media platforms. In the fall, I really want to focus more content towards my beauty, career and food categories. I'm looking forward to adding more videos to the website and my YouTube channel (yes I have a channel lol). This is something totally out of the box for me but I want to try vlogging more in addition to my written content.

I'm still trying to identify a writer so that I can add a category for politics....but knowing me, I'll add it and push myself to learn more about politics and write the posts myself. I am always challenging myself as a writer and I envision my website to be a one-stop-read if you get what I'm saying.


I'm really looking forward to driving around neighborhoods and exchanging some of my books for FREE books in those local birdhouses that you see in neighborhoods. I really love doing this in the fall because that's when the temperature is not as hot and I can take my time sorting through the books and giving away some of my books. Every now and then, I'm lucky enough to find magazines in these birdhouses as well.


Lastly, I love going to local and outdoor eateries in the fall because they have their patios opened with some live bands and the cool air is so soothing at night. I'm looking forward to trying out some new eateries this fall here in NOLA and adding them to my favorite places to visit here list. You can always look in your local newspaper to see what activities are coming up for you to do in the fall (or any season). People post flyers all of the time in coffee shops and community centers so you can always find new things to do online (follow your favorite places to visit on social media or sign up for their newsletters) or offline.

What are you looking forward to this fall? Post your response in the comments.