What Now? with The Water Therapist Tahlor E. Mattison

Well, time is really flying what now? Has a thought similar to this came across your mind. You can use your journey to establish a lifestyle that you know would work for you. Think about what you like to do the most, what are some things you are interested in or something you never got to accomplish. I'm sure you haven't traveled to every country in the world. There are so many things you can do for starters I'm going to get the small things out the way.  

It’s time to start feeding yourself love through activities and thoughts. The simple pray, meditation, journal, crying, and laughter can heal so many emotional challenges you deal within yourself. You are human, you have a right to feel! When was the last time you enjoyed a self-care day? All the glitz and glamour ending with a great 8-hour peaceful sleep. How is your health habits? Do you enjoy wholesome foods, activities that can burn calories weekly, are you familiar with herbal baths and v-steam? As a woman, your vagina is an important feature just like the rest of your body. You only get 1, why not show her some love and respect? Do you exfoliate your body, not just parts of your body? DO you do monthly check-ups at the Dr.? Take a break and recharge, go on a short trip to a place you have never been. Indulge in sexual desired pleasures, taking care of yourself is the key to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. 

The good news is we all go through things, the bad news is we all go through things. What if I told you your situation was to heal someone else? You might be thinking well, Why me? & I come to ask you why not you? Sometimes you can't get to the end game with a negative thought. Just figure out what you are supposed to learn from the situation. Stop overthinking your life was created the day you were born. You are living your testimony. Fill your cup so you can tip into someone else without being left empty. Start that business; that book, your blog, sewing, and your plans today. Remember to stay consistent in whatever you do. These years should be used to reap the benefits. You’ve sown your seed that has now been planted and peaking from the roots.  


Tahlor E. Mattison is the creator and founder of The Water Therapist (The Therapy Collection) & Sina ‘ Devi Birth Services. Located in Chicago IL. The Water Therapist aims to contribute to a holistic lifestyle for clients while enhancing wellness and healing through hydration. Sina ‘ Devi Birth Services offers birth consultations through resources, services, and products. 

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