What's Playing In My Headphones?

Image courtesy of www.energiekgelderland.nl

Fun fact about me as a writer: I can't listen to music while I'm editing a blog post but I can listen to music while I'm writing. I guess the music doesn't distract me while I'm writing because I'm simply writing out my thoughts. But when I go back and edit my content, I have to have pure silence to concentrate in order to catch grammatical errors. I'm the only editor for my content for now, so my eyes and ears have to be focused on the words or I'll be posting sentences with "the the" next to each other and autocorrect won't pick that up because technically, both words are spelled correct.

I have my go to songs that I listen to and usually YouTube will cue and play the songs that I listen to a million times afterwards. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Prince, New Orleans bounce music and some mainstream songs that played across our radio airwaves over the past few years. I rarely listen to anything currently playing on the radio. I'm still a fan of 90's R&B, music just haven't been the same since those artists and groups from the 90's.

Nevertheless, here's the songs that I play frequently in my headphones while I'm writing:

1. Hello by YaBoyBigChoo featuring Denisia (bounce remix)

2. All the Stars by Kendrick Lamar featuring Sza

3. Unforgettable by French Montana

4. All Eyes on You by Meek Mill featuring Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown

5. Friends by The Carters (Jay Z and Beyonce)

6. Level Up by Ciara

7. Love All Over Me by Monica (New Orleans bounce mix)

8. Wild Thoughts by DJ Khalid featuring Rihanna

9. Location by Khalid featuring Lil Wayne and Khelani (remix)

10. I Would Die for You by Prince

I can play these songs on repeat when I'm planning or writing my content. These songs are all upbeat and helps my writing flow easily and add fun to it. Music is important and a part of the lives of writers for various reasons. I still listen to songs from years ago over this new generation of artists who songs don't really talk about nothing or have meaning to them.

What's playing in your headphones while you are creating magic through writing or while you're working at your desk? Post your playlist in the comments.