Why I Started Blogging

Image courtesy of Britt Smith Photography

I started blogging back in 2010 as a newly divorcee. I had done the necessary work I needed to do to become a survivor of domestic violence and I wanted to share with other people, the information that I learned about domestic violence, I wanted to inspire and motivate women through words and images and it seemed like blogging was a perfect platform to use.

I've always been passionate about reading, writing and helping other people. Whether helping other people through my own life experiences, books I've read or through physical labor such as volunteering at a homeless shelter and writing about my experiences while volunteering or other places that I visit. Over the years, I have evolved as a woman and writer and so my blog posts reflect the experiences and issues that are currently happening for women my age or personally in my life.

I always say that I have a "silent audience" when it comes to my readers. Analytics show that people read my blogs and I'm not just writing to myself lol but my readers rarely provide any feedback, comments, etc. which is why I call my readers a silent audience. I recognize that the topics I discuss are related to personal development and therefore my readers are not willing to share their private struggles, publically. My readers will however send me private messages about how a blog post helped them make a difference in their lives or they will share my blog post on their social media platforms which provides clarity on what type of posts my readers enjoy.

I have been blogging for eight years and I enjoy posting more consistently now than I've ever done before. I know that people are learning new things from the topics I post and that encourages me to continue to share my life experiences. Blogging has been just a place for me to release my thoughts and know that I am not alone in some or all of my experiences in life. It's a platform that I can use to have a voice in my world around me. My transparency in a 2-3 minutes blog post, can help people live a balanced and healthy life, for a lifetime.

As with any other industry, blogging trends have changed and continues to change. People are more interested in videos than reading but blogging helps me provide detailed information that a 15 second Instagram story just can't offer my readers in a 24 hour time frame.

Again, I love to inspire, educate, empower and provide a safe platform for sisterhood for African American women. Some bloggers only blog to monetize their blogging platform but I blog to make a difference in women lives regardless if I get paid for it or not. I am always looking for topics to discuss that tailors to my readers. My blog posts are considered informational. I am a lifestyle blogger which means I blog about various topics instead of just one topic like beauty products or fashion.

I enjoy blogging throughout every journey in my life no matter if I am having good days or bad days. Blogging has gotten me through a divorce, school, different career paths and now being invited to events to share my experiences, as a blogger. I believe that always remembering my "why I blog" statement, has kept me consistent. It's easy to get distracted today because of social media heavy rotation of bloggers turned influencers. Being an influencer is hard work as well as blogging, but it's so rewarding to help other people through sharing your life experiences.

If you are interested in learning more about blogging let's talk! Connect with me on social media if you're ready to start a blog or let's discuss what struggles you face as a blogger.