3 Ways You May Be Self-Sabotaging Your Success

Woman arriving home from work.
What are you doing when you first get home that won't self-sabotage your success?

Wasting your time

Almost everywhere I go, someone is asking me this question, "How do you stay consistent blogging?" My short answer is that blogging is a priority in my life so I don't waste my time doing things that don't help me stay consistent with blogging. You may be self-sabotaging your success because you are simply wasting your time when you are home, doing meaningless things like watching too much television, indulging in excessive Netflix and Chill marathons, going out when you should stay home or at the office to work on your goals or a host of other things. Today, write a list of your daily activities for one day and see where you are wasting your time and know that whatever you check off on that list, is sabotaging your success.

Sharing your thoughts, ideas and concerns

with the wrong people

Woman applying makeup while on the phone.
Not everyone will support your vision so keep certain things to yourself.

I don't know who needs to hear this but, GET OFF THE PHONE AND DO YOUR WORK! Telling everybody about your plans for success is draining and unnecessary. Some moves of yours need to be made in silence! You will tell the wrong people about your goals in life that you desire to make you successful and they turn their hateration on (Do people still say that???? lol), and talk you out of it or they will steal the blueprint you thought about and shared with them, from right in front of you. To avoid all of that, stop telling the wrong people your business. Get you an accountability partner or a small group of business besties that you trust to share important information with, before you self-sabotage your success.

Rushing through the process

Woman rushing out the door.
Take your time, success is waiting for you when ever you arrive!

It took Moses 40 years to get out of the wilderness and yet, you can't wait four minutes and let alone wait four years, to build a successful life that you often dream of. Rushing through the process of your growth in your personal or professional endeavors, is the quickest way to self-sabotage your success! Some people on social media pour into our minds that we can all make six figures in 30 days or less. Or year two of their business was their most profitable year to date. They don't tell you the downsides of their "quick success" or large bank accounts. They only glorify shopping sprees, buying luxury real estate purchases, flying ever other day to a different city, etc. So with all of those images before you, you now feel pressured to rush your process...... DON'T!

What is meant for you, will NEVER pass you by. There are many doors that leads to opportunities in life without you having to self-sabotage your success. Lean closer into your gut feelings and with God's directions, move accordingly. Don't waste your time doing things that don't give you the results that you desire or a ROI. Lastly, your journey is yours to cherish and travel as best you can with the tools and resources that you have. If you happen to look over at your sister that's killing it in the industry that you're working in, don't be envious of her success, instead work on not self-sabotaging yours because there's room out here for EVERYONE!