4 Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

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Blogging is fun but if you want more traffic driven to your blog, you need to create a strategy.


Pinterest is a HUGE search engine, so you should definitely be using the platform to drive traffic to your website. For example, I give tips to bloggers and entrepreneurs on my website here under my CAREER category. Guess who else is looking for tips on being a blogger or entrepreneur?????? MILLIONS of people on Pinterest. I have to admit, I'm not new to Pinterest but I'm new to Pinterest as a blogger. Several of other bloggers that I know were posting their new found bff (Pinterest) sharing how the platform was driving traffic to their website in mass numbers so I had to check it out for myself. You can follow me on Pinterest here and let's get to pinning each other's content.


Utilizing guest bloggers or contributors on your website would be my next go-to towards driving traffic to your website. Their readers or followers are now introduced to your content.....and if your content is good, they'll become returning users in no time. At one point on my blog, I had several guest bloggers or contributors several times a week, now I save use guest contributors for special occasions. I utilize guest bloggers and contributors to not only diversify my website so it won't be full of "I"..... "My" .....and "Me" posts working y'all nerves lol, but I also use them so that the readers can have a different voice regarding the things we love in our lifestyles.

Merging audiences can be fun and exciting to increase your blog traffic, but make sure that you are partnering with people who share the same audience as you and/or who are in the same niche/industry of blogging as you. Unless, you're intentionally going for the opposites that attract each other vibe in your collaboration. Make sure that the collaboration benefits you both if at minimum, so that you can gain more exposure to your website. This all comes to play in really knowing who your target audience is or who your readers are.


Here's the part where "Subscribe to my email list" or those gazillion telephone numbers you have in your phone may be of some benefit to your website. If you are using an email system to send your blog posts to your subscribers, please make sure that it's only a blurb about your blog and not the full blog post. I've seen emails from bloggers with their full blog post and now, there's no reason for me to actually visit your website. You can send out friendly reminder texts or emails to remind your readers that you have either a new blog published or about an upcoming blog post.

Helping bloggers drive more traffic to their website using four methods.
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Typically, social media is where your current readers and your new readers will engage with you first before connecting with you on your website. So in order to increase your blog traffic, you have to increase your visibility on social media platforms. The more platforms you're on, of course the more chances of people seeing your content.

The four major social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn (for my generation lol). Posting COMPELLING captions and links to your blogs to those platforms (and don't forget to use hashtags where applicable), are a sure way to increase your blog traffic.

Increasing your blog traffic requires an almost daily commitment. You can use your time wisely and schedule ahead of time, mostly everything I mentioned or you can manually do these things in real time. But promoting your blogs consistently on multiple platforms and systems are the only ways to authentically grow and increase your blog traffic.