How to Run Your Business From Your Cell Phone

Stock photo of black woman using her cell phone.
Running a business from your cell phone doesn't have to be complicated.

There have been many occasions where, I needed to do something for my business or blog while I was out at an event or while running an errand. Let me be clear, I don't use my cell phone to run my business solely or to avoid being present in the moment while out. I use my cell phone to run my business as certain circumstances arrive that allows me to one or two clicks in an app to resolve a problem for a client, follow-up with or respond to a client via email or send invoices and receive money from my clients.

I started my business and blog with the possession of a laptop and a cell phone, but now a days, technology has evolved so much that you literally, can operate almost any business, from your cell phone.

I don't have a long list of things you need to run a business from your cell phone because I know that most of the things that I will list below, can be placed within two separate categories.

Download your business website and business system apps

Currently on my cellphone, I have downloaded the following apps to run my business from my cell phone: Wix, Canva, Mailchimp, Shopify, Google Drive, iScanner, Zoom, Chase bank (checking and savings) , PayPal and Capitol One credit card. Therefore, no matter where I am, I can conduct and operate my business without having my laptop or directly work from my desktop.

I can create flyers, send a newsletter, download a Word document to email or fax, host a conference call, fill an order from my online store and pay my business expenses all from my cell phone. I believe in having great customer service at all times. As a freelancer, influencer, blogger and consultant, which are all the streams of income that monetizes my business and helps me operate my business 24 hours a day and on auto-pilot as I prefer (I have my set business hours that I work). The most out of all of these apps that I use, I would have to say is my Wix app and that's where I take two-three minutes if I'm not home, to press "Publish" on a scheduled blog posts. After that, I would have to say the next is responding to my business related emails.

Black woman using a cell phone stock photo.
Respond to your clients using apps to run your business.

Link your business email to your cell phone.

Brands reach out to me or clients reach out to me via email so of course, I have my business email account linked to my cell phone. Sometimes, emails need an urgent response and again, no matter where I am, I can quickly respond or let the person know that I will respond in more depth at a later time. As to not be rude in my environment, sometimes, I'll even step away to a private area to respond to an urgent email (this doesn't happen often because my work isn't stressful..... PRAISE GOD)! You don't want to "leave money on the table" as they say and not have access to your business email on your cell phone.

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I was partnering with a brand on a quick campaign whose work hours were later than normal. The brand staff, would communicate with me, via email late at night around midnight..... that's late to me. Because I knew this and the emails were about the campaign updates, I used my cell phone, from the comforts of my bed, to respond, instead sitting at my desk. The question never came up about the times of communications, although it could have. The point is, having access to my business via my cell phone is the most convenient and efficient thing that I could do as a business owner.

Being a business owner or monetizing from your blog is hard work, but you can do it from the comforts of your own home or out in the world, from your cell phone. Most of the apps I've mentioned are downloadable for FREE or requires a small monthly fee, but the small fees are worth your investment.