How to Stay Healthy and Fit as You Get Older

I don't know about you, but I'm getting older and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of my biggest goals as I get older. I turn 40 years old next year and just like any other woman who turns this age, I'm always thinking about, what's next for my life beyond the grand celebration for this milestone in my life? On any given day, I can say that I make healthier choices regarding my health and wellness but that hasn't always been the case in my life. I've noticed how my body has reacted to certain foods and beverages that I've consumed. Over the years, I've monitored my thoughts and feelings more closely to become more aware of the things and people that have caused me mental and physical harm. I've lost loved ones very close to me due to hereditary illnesses or from cancers that could've been prevented. I've decided to loose myself from all things and people that are toxic to my overall well-being.

You may feel similar to me and not into going to the gym 3-4 times a week and prefer to do basic things daily to increase the chances of you staying healthy and fit as you age. Well after looking over my lifestyle and doing some research, I found some things that we both can do to stay healthy and fit as we age, together girl because I'm on the same journey with you.


5 Tips to Stay Healthy & Fit As You Get Older

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. This should be obvious but you'd be surprised at how many people try those "get slim quick" diets or other fast paced diets to "be healthy." Honestly, if you live, eat and drink healthy daily, you can manage your weight and that's better than any diet that's out there.

See a doctor and consider their recommendations. You can't address a health problem if you don't know how to accurately define it. Make sure you are active about making and keeping all of your medical appointments to stay healthy and fit as you age. When we're younger, we may not need to see a doctor or doctors often but when we age, it's highly recommended that you see your primary physician as well as the other specialist you need that provide the treatment and care for your mind, body and soul. Ignoring your concerns won't make the problems or ailments go away, go see a doctor!

Practice self-care. I know you get giddy about #SelfcareSaturdays but to stay healthy and fit as you get older involves practicing self-care more than a trip to a spa on Saturday's. There are tons of Pinterest graphics listing things you can do for self-care if you run out of ideas. Practicing self-care may be in the form of you saying "No" to things that you know are unhealthy for you, in this phase of your life. It's never too late neither does any schedule you have should keep you from practicing self-care, often as you stay healthy and fit.

Go out and have fun. According to science, one way to improve our memory and concentration is to have more fun (Michael Rucker, Ph.D.). In my family, there's a maternal history of Alzheimer and Dementia so I'm always looking for ways to prevent those diseases in my life as I get older and what better way, than to make sure that I'm having F-U-N. Going out and having fun or staying indoors and having fun is beneficial for your soul also. We work so hard and always feel guilty about having fun......NOT ANYMORE! Go have some fun so that you can stay healthy and fit as you get older.

Quit unhealthy habits and addictions. Smoking cigarettes, drinking excessively and/or abusing controlled substances is surely a way to quickly decrease your ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle. KICK THE HABIT(S)!!!!! If you can't do it cold-turkey, then seek professional help because your life depends on it. I noticed that the older I got, drinking cocktails caused severe hangovers for me the next day. So now, instead of the horrific hangovers, I stick to drinking wine or beers occasionally. Some of your unhealthy habits can be altered to aid in your journey to staying healthy and fit as you get older. Change eating sweets and junk foods to eating more fruits and veggies instead.

Staying healthy and fit as you get older is not as hard as we make it seem. Changing a few things in our lifestyles can lead us to living longer lives and breaking those generational curses that plague our families. Don't remain in an unhealthy mindset or lifestyle when there's so much that you have to live for, as you get older. Please share this post so that others can remain healthy and fit as they get older.