Interview with Tiffany Latoi CEO & Business Consultant

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

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Please share with our readers, who Tiffany Latoi is.

First name Tiffany, Middle name Latoi…Tiffany LaToi. Here’s a quick rundown of who I am: I am a successful business owner! I’ve been an entrepreneur for 10 years! Undergraduate degree from Butler University and a MBA from Anderson University. I’m a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated. I have extensive experience in the Healthcare, Project Management, Consulting and the Real Estate Industry. I LOVE helping women “boss up”!!! I started my namesake company as a way to connect, inspire, empower & show women across the world how to live out their purpose/passion while making money doing so. Feel free to visit to learn more about me ☺.

Describe for us, the beginning days or that first full year of you being a full-time entrepreneur.

In the beginning it was a lot of sleepless nights, long hours and a lot of mistakes. I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2009 and a full time entrepreneur since 2010!!! When I first became an entrepreneur I was working as a Project Manager in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Literally working 80 plus hours a week trying to juggle both my full time job and entrepreneurship. My “little side hustle” lol began to grow, grow and grow by the month. March of 2010 I stepped out on faith to work full time as an entrepreneur and it’s been UP since.

What is a typical day like, for you as the CEO?

I HAVE to start my day with prayer, mediation, reading, a bottle of water and the gym, IT IS A MUST! But overall my days are EXTREMELY busy! Every day is different. As a CEO I wear MANY hats, actually too damn many LOL. As a CEO I am responsible for all aspects of the company (vision, mission and overall direction of the company). I manage customer relationships and business development. Obtain new contracts, liaising with existing clients to increase work allocation. Overseeing all projects from start to finish to ensure all projects are delivered on time, within scope and within budget. Then I am also responsible for managing daily operations with my internal and external teams.

Some days I am dressed in sweat pants, out in the field with my project managers/work crews, checking on projects getting dirty, I literally have 5 pair of shoes in my truck right now full of mud and dirt that needs to go to the shoe cleaner LOL. Other days I am in a suit at a board meeting trying to land new contracts. I may be in the office with a crop top on, laughing and joking with my admin. Some days I work from home, in bed watching Maury LOL.

As a woman of color, do you feel like you have to prove yourself twice as hard in your field of work? Why?

I definitely think some women do, but I don’t nor have I had to prove myself. I’ve been extremely blessed!!!! Once people interact and connect with me, they know I’m the real deal.

I do however, feel awful for women of color who are armed with multiple degrees and amazing work experience that have to “PROVE” they belong. I really thank God for his favor & for allowing people to see me for my experience, work ethic and my authenticity.

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What has been the most successful construction project you and your team completed in 2018? Why was it so successful?

In 2018 I took the time to learn how to develop/build Pre-fab homes, I partnered with a well-known builder in Indianapolis. This was one of my proudest moments!!! It forced me to step outside of the box and on faith. Pre-fab was foreign to me & VERY challenging. But the project came out beautiful! My client was happy, so I was happy.

What has been the greatest impact of your construction company?

The greatest impact of owning a company has been my ability to employ people, which allows them financial freedom! Allows them the ability to feed their families & pay their bills.

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What challenges do you face as a CEO in a male dominated industry?

My biggest challenge is always the MEN lol.

1. They always think I’m the “Secretary, Admin or the Wife/Girlfriend” and I find myself VERY OFTEN having to look them in their face and say “No, I’m the Boss, this is MY Company, I am the OWNER!” lol

2. Then men try and challenge my knowledge of the industry, but I always do my homework and make sure I am up to date on what’s going on in the industry!

For a woman who is possibly looking into starting their own construction company? What are some do's and don't that you can briefly share with them?

-YOU HAVE TO LEARN THE INDUSTRY! Research & Study the industry. I’ve been in Real Estate/Construction Industry for over 10 years and I’m still learning day by day. It’s a lot of moving components & you have to stay abreast of new developments & the industry as a whole.

-I recommend obtaining a Real Estate License. I am a licensed Real Estate Broker as well which has opened a lot of doors for me.

-Obtain a General Contractor’s License.

-Believe in yourself, don’t allow the industry or the men in the industry to intimidate you.

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What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur or a small business owner whose struggling and is considering giving up?

If you have a dream or a passion God has placed on your heart, DO NOT GIVE UP on it. A lot of times, frustration & struggle comes because we need better processes, marketing, executing, planning, consistency & accountability. A few small tweaks here and there could eliminate a lot of the struggles.

Sometimes what we believe could be a struggle turns out to be exactly what we needed to become ultimately stronger and better business owners. We ALL experience our share of trials within entrepreneurship! So don’t give up, study other entrepreneurs, hire a consultant/coach, connect with a mentor or join my accountability small groups ☺


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To learn more about Tiffany and her services, follow her on Instagram at @tiffanylatoi and visit her website