Werk Pray Slay: My 3 Takeaways

All weekend, at Werk Pray Slay, I was asked by several people, "Did you even get a chance to listen and take notes?" My answer is, Y-E-S!!!!! Even though you may have saw me on the floor one minute, sitting on the stage the next minute....posted up on a wall trying to get the shots or walking around the room getting close up shots, I WAS LISTENING TO ALL OF THE SPEAKERS. Now let me say this, because I was multitasking, I don't remember what speaker said what per say, so if you are one of the speakers reading this KUDOS TO YOU and please let me know so that I can tag you!

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There were so many lessons to learn at WPS.

Lesson ONE

"Pay your bills on time just like you expect people to pay you on time." The way I felt that in my soul, I really can't even explain it lol. I'm queen of "I'll pay that bill later." But after hearing that, I have been charged to do BETTER! My parents have their bills on auto payment schedules and I be like, nope not me. But honestly, when the speaker explained that as business owners, we expect our money on time, so therefore, we need to pay our bills on time to fellow business owners. That was an entire word for me at WPS, I was ready to pass a collection plate around for the speaker.

Lesson TWO

"Be niche specific. - Bianca Robinson" I have already stated that Bianca keeps it real and so when she broke down how you should be more specific about what it is that you do, I stopped moving and listened. So for example, instead of me just saying that I'm a lifestyle blogger which is my niche under the umbrella of bloggers, I should inform people that I am a lifestyle blogger who recaps events. I can even break that down more specifically by stating what type of events I recap: conferences, restaurant openings or new menu reveals and so forth. Lesson learned, tell people, exactly what you do and not list a million things that you do.

Lesson THREE

"Listen to yourself, more than you listen to other people." I really understood this lesson because it hit home for me. Two years ago, without all the details of how I would survive once I got there, I moved to New Orleans, LA from Chicago. I felt and knew that God had provided me with the best opportunity via a "government" job that I applied for and was hired on the spot....#WONTHEDOIT! Well of course, there were naysayers even my family who were only trying to "look after me" but I had to listen to myself and know that God would be with me no matter where I relocated to. People will try and place their fears onto you and you have to bet on yourself and listen to yourself instead of people.

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Boss lady, pay your bills ON TIME!

If my recaps haven't convinced you enough to attend WPS next year and the years to follow, I don't know what else will. These women whether they were speakers or attendees like myself, have left a lasting impression on my heart. Now I'm ready and I hope you are to, to take all of the lessons that I've learned and apply them to my life, daily.

We go to these conferences and get all of this information, come home and don't do the WERK that's necessary for us to move ahead in life. I don't know about you, but I want to pay my bills on time every single month. I want to be more specific about what it is that I do professionally and I'm certainly going to continue to listen to myself more. Stay tuned, I have one more recap from WPS weekend coming up on the blog tomorrow and if you've missed any recaps, click here.


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Werk Pray Slay Takeaways.